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   Chapter 10 Call Her Mrs. Andrew From Now On

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Joyce's words made Sophia confused.

She kept guessing whether the relationship between the two was busted up because of her appearance, and she even felt a little resistant in the bottom of her heart. After all, there were rumors on the Internet before, and many people said that Joyce was the rumored girlfriend of Andrew. People even called her "Andrew's Lady". Wait...

Before Sophia got back her composure, Joyce had already left.

"Are you full?"

Hearing this, Sophia nodded quickly. She didn't want to stay here any longer.

Compared with talking with Joyce, Sophia was more willing to stay in the shadow of being bullied by a cold-faced man all day long.

The man quickly stood up. His upright figure came into her view. The expensive shirt was tidied meticulously without any wrinkles.

Sophia had been absent-minded for a long while before she caught up with Andrew.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, she looked out of the window. It was eight o'clock in the morning, and all the people came and went to work. Therefore, she thought that she was like a parasite living in Andrew's house now.

Taking a deep breath, she plucked up her courage and said, "I've been living in your house as freeloader. I feel bad about it. Could you ask your friends to find me a job?"

"I can afford you, can't I?"

Andrew sudden pedaled the brake, which caught Sophia off guard and she almost hit the window.

It was the first time in Sophia's life that someone had spoken to her like this. She was at a loss. Looking at Andrew, Sophia didn't know how to explain her idea to him clearly.

After a long pause, Sophia spoke again, "I just feel that I've been a housewife for a long time, and I'm almost out of line with the whole society. I want to have my own career so that I can follow the progress of the whole society."

"So you want to improve yourself for the purpose of going back to take revenge?"

Sophia didn't know why, but Andrew responded sharply every time.

The two words of "take revenge" lingered in Sophia's mind like a brand. How easy would it be to take revenge? How could she have the qualification to confront the two of Ryan and Linda?

To her surprise, Andrew didn't mean to make things difficult for her.

But what happened next made Sophia stunned.

The car drove away, not on their way back to the villa at all. Not far away, the Li Group building came into view. It couldn't be taking her directly to work now? Sophia carefully glanced at herself from the rearview mirror. 'I am in such a slovenly manner. I will definitely become the object of ridicule among those employees secretly.'

She opened the door and trotted behind Andrew.

When Andrew arrived at the shopping mall downstairs, he stopped outside a shop.

Sophia raised her head and took a look. Ferragamo?

She used to think that this brand was a little too orthodox. The price was acceptable for Sophia before she got married. But things were different now. She couldn't afford any of these short skirts. Even if she regained her status now, she was afraid that she wouldn't be so extravagant anymore.

"I want an OL style suit. We are in a hurry."

Andrew looked serious and didn't seem to be joking at all.

Besides the shop assistants, Sophia was the only woman around. Who else could it be?

After careful selection, the saleswoman chose a beige vest dress for Sophia. The neckline of the dress was curved, which made her look dignified and not too bland.

Standing in front

of the mirror, Sophia looked at herself earnestly.

To be seriously, it was the first time for her to try such a style.

As long as Sophia didn't dress like an old woman, she would look beautiful even if she was wearing clothes bought from roadside booths.

Suddenly, a hand swept past her hair tail, and her flaxen long hair fell over her shoulders. When Sophia loosened the hair rope, her hair seemed a little curly and natural.

Andrew stood still with his arms crossed over his chest and looked at her. She was very beautiful.

At this moment, she looked like a handcraft. Of course, standing in front of the mirror, Sophia noticed her goodliness. Even though her figure was mediocre and didn't have firm abs, Sophia was born with an extraordinary temperament and was raised in the rich way.

After dressing up, she seemed to be back to the past. The difference was that she would never be happy all the time.

As thus, they stepped into the Li group building together. It was the first time that Sophia had come to the Li Group.

It was poverty that restricted her imagination. Sophia didn't expect that the whole building and shopping mall were owned by the Li Group. What's more, there were villa community developed by the Li Group and the movies and television invested by it in the whole province. What job could she do if Andrew asked her to work here?

A man wearing black frame glasses saw the two of them and walked forward unhurriedly with a folder in his hand.

There seemed to be a touch of surprise in his eyes when he looked at Sophia.

"Are you Miss Sophia? Nice to meet you. My name is Damian, Mr. Andrew's personal assistant." As Damian spoke, he glanced at Sophia from the corner of his eye. She was a little uncomfortable because of his vigilance.

When she was about to shake hands with Damian, Andrew said coldly, "You'd better call her Mrs. Andrew. From now on, she'll take over your position. As the special assistant of president assistant, you're in charge of tutoring Mrs. Andrew."

Mrs. Andrew?

Sophia's eyes rounded with surprise. She kept staring at Andrew.

He really called her that naturally!

Looking at the helpless expression on Damian's face, Sophia felt somewhat apologetic. After all, Damian had been demoted as soon as she came here. How could it be appropriate?

"Andrew, are you sure?" Embarrassed, she stared at Damian.

"Damian's salary will be increased by 3%. Besides, call me Mr. Andrew from now on in the company."

There was no trace of warmth in Andrew's tone. No one could tell whether he was angry or he was always so serious when he spoke. Therefore, Sophia stood aside with an expression of grievance on her face, 'How could this man change his emotion faster than flip through a book?' Even so, she quickly nodded and said, "Mr. Andrew is right."

It was Monday, so Sophia happened to attend the weekly meeting.

Damian passed the computer to Sophia and opened the folder for her at his convenience. "Mrs. Andrew, I used to do all these jobs before. Since Mr. Andrew appointed you to take my place, so I have to trouble you."

His tone was respectful. It was difficult for Sophia to adapt to such a conversation. After all, they were colleagues.

Glancing at the document, Sophia quickly understood what she should do in the meeting. She should record the content of the meeting word by word. Surely she was qualified for the work. But in less than five minutes at the beginning, she had lost herself in thought.

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