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   Chapter 9 Attending My Wedding

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Didn't know since when, Sophia suddenly felt a sense of belonging when she was cooking.

'During the marriage with Ryan, he barely ate the food I cooked. Suddenly, a man sit on the sofa waiting for me to cook for him. The feeling cannot be described in words.

In any case, the cold-faced man, Andrew, helps me several times today.' When Sophia was cooking, she was very attentive. After all, she had nothing to repay him, so she could only use it as a reward.

Sophia carefully put the delicious dishes on the plate, even decorated it with some carved radish, while Andrew was still sitting silently at the table, staring at the newspaper in his hand.

Andrew was silent from the beginning to the end of the meal, which made Sophia suspect her cooking skills. She glanced at him and asked, "Is it because I cooked too badly? I, I think the taste is alright."

"Not bad."

Andrew replied shortly, didn't seem to be perfunctory at all.

But Sophia still felt something was wrong. After a while, Andrew said again, "Keep quiet during meals and bedtime. I don't like to talk during dinner."

"Oh," she said and then devote herself cleaning the kitchen.

"I married you because I want you to be my wife. I don't lack servants." Andrew crossed his arms in front of his chest with contempt.

With the bowl holding in her hands, Sophia stopped the cleaning. She was in a daze and didn't know if she should continue.

Seeing Andrew left silently, Sophia suddenly felt discouraged just like a withered eggplant. She put down the bowl and chopsticks with a melancholy face. Washing dishes was supposed to be a regular housework, but why did it turn out to be her fault?

When Sophia went back to her room, she still couldn't figure it out.

It was already late at night when she woke up.

It's not long after dinner, but Sophia was hungry again. She covered her belly and walked to the living room.

When she raised her head and saw a figure, she was really shocked.

"Miss Sophia, right? I... I'm the new maid. My surname is Song. Just call me Nancy." Nancy smiled amiably at Sophia and then walked towards the handrail to press the light switch.

With an embarrassed smile, Sophia went straight to the kitchen.

The tableware had been cleaned up by Nancy. Sophia was still surprised by her appearance, 'I just slept for a while. Where did this Nancy come from suddenly?'

Failed to find anything to eat in the kitchen, Sophia sighed.

She was really embarrassed to ask Nancy to prepare food for her. For some reason, Sophia felt uneasy when thought of the episode after dinner. It felt like when she had secretly done something bad in her childhood.

Tossing and turning all night, she couldn't fall asleep. All kinds of delicious food were lingering in her mind.

She endured the hunger and finally stayed up until six thirty in the morning. 'It won't be too embarrassing to go out for food now?' Sophia thought.

It was quiet in the living room. It seemed that Nancy and Andrew hadn't gotten up yet.

She took out a large bag of spaghetti from the cupboard. There was nothing else that she could cook in the morning.

As soon as she closed the door of the cupboard, Andrew appeared from behind and said abruptly, "Let's go out for breakfast."

Hearing that, Sophia was stunned. Co

uld he read mind? She opened her mouth in surprise and didn't know what to say. When she came to her senses, she found that Andrew had already walked quickly to the gate.

Sophia got on Andrew's car with disheveled look. She had planned to go back to take a shower and get changed, but he didn't give her the chance.

Sophia didn't expect that Andrew's car would stop right outside the Manston Hotel.

Andrew was always clean and tidy. The two of them were in sharp contrast. Sophia followed him with her head down.

It was only seven o'clock. All kinds of people were sitting in the hall and they were all dressed up.

How she wished she could hide herself under the ground. Sophia felt uncomfortable when having breakfast.

"I... Why don't we pack the food and eat at home? Are you taking me here to humiliate me or have breakfast with me?" Frowning, Sophia kept blaming the man beside her.

Suddenly, a handbag was placed in front of her. Sophia looked back and found it was Joyce!

Joyce, with exquisite makeup, looked down at Sophia, pulled out a chair and sat elegantly beside her.

"I didn't expect to meet you here. Waiter. A sandwich with black caviar from Hokkaido and a millet sea cucumbers for Miss Sophia." Soon, Joyce took the initiative and acted like a host, which made Sophia uncomfortable.

Sophia took a look at the corn soup in her bowl. She always thought that light food is a good choice for breakfast. Joyce ordered caviar and millet sea cucumbers in the early morning. Wasn't she afraid to get sick?

Sophia shook her hands and said she didn't need it.

Andrew stood aside from the beginning to end and cut the toast in front of him meticulously.

Sophia had thought that Joyce would leave, but she didn't expect that Joyce took a sip of the sandwich and continue the conversation, "Miss Sophia, you are going to be Mr. Andrew's wife in the future. You should pay attention to your behavior and dressing when you go out. After all, all the people in the Manston are celebrities. But you dressed like a child."

Joyce burst into laughter, her eyes still fixed on the Michelle pajamas on Sophia.

Taking a deep breath, Sophia retorted, "Miss Joyce, it's none of your business. Besides, I can't do anything about it. Andrew likes me to dress in this way. He bought dozens of Disney pajamas for me to change every day. I want to get changed when we go out, but he doesn't allow me to."

As Sophia spoke, she winked at Andrew.

Putting down the coffee cup in his hand, Andrew leaned lazily against the back of the sofa and held Sophia into his arms.

"What? Do you think anyone here dare to say that you're wearing ugly clothes? Then I will purchase Manston today. From tomorrow on, this hotel belongs to the Li Family. It cannot be too much to wear pajamas at your own home, right?"

Joyce didn't expect that Andrew would shield Sophia. She glared at the woman in front of her and felt ashamed as if she was a contemptible scoundrel.

Stunned for a moment, Joyce picked up her handbag and said arrogantly, "Of course, it doesn't matter what Miss Sophia wear at home. My agent should have sent the termination contract to Mr. Andrew's e-mail. Mr. Andrew is rich, but you can't buy my personal freedom. By the way, I've already prepared my dresses to your wedding."

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