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   Chapter 8 Don't Touch My Woman!

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For a moment, Sophia felt a little nervous.

After all, Joyce had strong charisma indeed. Sophia paused for a while and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Joyce. I don't drink at all."

"Really? I heard that Miss Sophia was hospitalized for drinking some time ago? Don't you want to do it for my sake? Or you Sophia feel sick at the sight of me? Come on. It's just a glass of champagne." There was a calm expression on Joyce's face, which made Sophia to be on high alert.

Looking around, she didn't find Andrew. It was obvious that he had owed a debt of love, but now Sophia had to get him out of trouble.

Frowning, Sophia didn't say anything. She hesitated between champagne and soda with for a long time.

"Miss Joyce, I really can't drink. I have severe alcohol allergy. How about I replace champagne by tea?"

Before she could finish her words, Joyce swung the glass of wine in her hand and poured it down. The wine streamed from Sophia's hair. Her dress was dyed red by the scarlet liquid.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Sophia. Her embarrassed look almost made Joyce laugh.

What's more, in the eyes of Joyce, Sophia was just the daughter of a nouveau riche, and had no taste at all. So no matter how she made fun of Sophia, in Joyce's eyes, only Sophia was the contemptible scoundrel.

However, Joyce didn't know that a pair of eyes were staring at the two of them not far away, watching every move of her.

Sophia soon got back her composure. She fixed her hair and sulked, "I don't know there are something wrong with Miss Joyce's arm. How about I introduce a famous Chinese doctor to you?"

"Well, Sophia, don't blame me for splashing you wine just now. You are such an ungrateful bitch. First of all you took your cousin's boyfriend, and then took away Andrew. You are really a repeat offender. Tell me, do you have a special sense of accomplishment when you sleep with other people's men?"

Joyce's voice was louder and louder. The man behind her stepped up his pace.

A group of people gathered around and kept talking about them. As more and more people gathered, Joyce was about to show off, "I didn't mean to do that. I have apologized, but Miss Sophia just won't let me go. Why don't we ask everyone to decide which side is right? Do you want me to bow ninety degrees to apologize to you?"

A crisp sound of slap stopped the clamors of comments.

Andrew picked up his glass and poured the wine on Joyce without hesitation.

Immediately, Joyce's face turned red as a persimmon on a tree in August. But considering her identity, she had to pretend to be indifferent.

Looking at the expression on Andrew's face, she knew that he was about to lose his temper.

Joyce had no option but to say bossily, "Mr. Andrew, You didn't drink too much but you are drunk just now? Aren't you a heavyweight? Oh, I see. It can be said that you can only see the new smile but not the old cry."

Her words aroused everyone's suspicion. What did she mean by saying that he can only see the new smile but not the old cry? Obviously, she wanted everyone to think that she might be Andrew's ex-girlfriend.

Of course, in fact Sophia didn't care about the privat

e affairs of Andrew at all.

Looking at the two people in front of her, Sophia didn't know what to say. There were reporters outside the door. She didn't want to make the headlines again with Andrew.

"Don't touch my woman!" Andrew's tone was gentle and slow, but it sounded more like an order.

Joyce and Andrew looked at each other and she felt timid. But under the circumstances...

Not far away, Linda saw that things had happened out of her expectation. It seemed that Joyce was on the losing side. Linda quickly ran over, held the arm of Joyce and sobbed, "Joyce, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have invited my cousin, but I thought that we were sisters after all. I didn't expect her to..."

Obviously the two were playing a duet, but the people around them condemned Sophia more than once.

In a fit of anger.

A smile appeared on the corner of Sophia's mouth.

"I'm really sorry, Linda. But I don't feel guilty for ruining your wedding for two times. Maybe you were in the same mood when you took your brother-in-law away. However, Ryan might be a treasure to you. He was just a piece of garbage in my eyes. Of course, if you want to fight back with an eye for an eye, you are always welcome at my wedding with Andrew."

Her speech made the married women around feel sorry for her.

Andrew took the initiative to raise a hand to Sophia, and the two of them walked out of the hotel in full swing.

It was not until Sophia let go of her hand that she realized that her palm was full of sweat, yet she was still pretending to be strong in front of everyone.

"You had done a good job."

Andrew's sudden words startled Sophia.

She patted her chest and took a sip of water to calm herself down. "I didn't see Ryan just now. If those bitches were both there, I would probably be unable to control my desire to pick up a knife all the time."

"Okay, let's do it at our wedding."

Looking at the serious look on Andrew's face, Sophia didn't think he was joking.

She almost spat out a mouthful of water, choking herself to tears.

She took a deep breath and felt warm at the thought of the support from Andrew in front of so many people.

Sophia had been with him for a while, and now she thought Andrew was a nice man.

He was just a little strange in many aspects.

When they returned to the villa, Sophia thought for a while. Just now, Andrew had helped her fight back with an eye for an eye. She really didn't have anything to repay him. She glanced at the fridge and wondered if she should make spaghetti as reward?

"Well, do you want to eat something? How about I cook spaghetti?" She looked at him tentatively.

Staring at the screen of the computer, Andrew replied without hesitation, "Let's make the sweet and sour spareribs you posted in the log."

Sweet and sour spareribs?

The log?

That was the first dish Sophia had learned to cook a few years ago. Was it true that Andrew had such a strange hobby to check through her logs posted so many years ago? Thinking of this, Sophia felt that it was too horrible. But after all, she had been helped by Andrew before, she had better go to the kitchen to prepare the food.

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