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   Chapter 7 Inexplicable Trouble

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The emotions accumulated at the bottom of Ryan's heart for so many years burst out, and the tenderness of Linda was a sharp contrast to the lukewarm of Sophia.

In the past years, Sophia was like a delicate puppet doll, programmed to do her own things every day. In contrast, Linda was more like a real person. As if he have set up his mind, Ryan quickly pressed the button of his mobile phone.

He talk to the other end of the line in a low voice, stood up quickly and took a meaningful glance at Linda, "Have a good rest. See you later."

After saying that, Ryan left the room, leaving Linda lying on the bed alone.

Linda looked out the window with empty eyes. Because of the perfunctory attitude of Ryan, she hate Sophia more than ever.

In the villa of Li family.

Sophia didn't know why she could sleep so well in Andrew's house.

But when she woke up, there was no one around. The hourly workers usually left after cleaning the house. Covering her hungry belly, she felt a little disappointed because she was alone again.

She grabbed the spaghetti in the fridge and cooked some. The dinner was just ready.

When Andrew pushed open the door, he was greeted by a delicious odor. He looked at the kitchen in surprise.

At that moment Sophia was walking towards the dining room with the spaghetti in her hands. She looked embarrassed, as if she was eating on the sly.

"Well, I don't know if you will come back or not, so I didn't cook your food." As she spoke, she went back to the kitchen to take the borscht from microwave oven.

As soon as she took out the steaming borscht and walked out of the kitchen, she was stunned by the scene in front of her.

Well, Andrew didn't stand on ceremony at all. He was holding a steel fork, chewing spaghetti slowly while reading newspaper.

Sophia dare not complain. After all, she was now living in the house of Andrew. She scratched her head and went back to kitchen to make another spaghetti.

This time, Sophia deliberately put a lot of shrimp into the spaghetti. Anyway, the food was also Andrew's! She rolled her eyes at Andrew and sat cross-legged on the cashmere carpet in front of the TV.

And then she pressed the remote control and turned on the TV.

"It is said that the Lin Group was in heavy debt five years ago, and the daughter of the Lin family, Miss Sophia is a famous escort girl in the noble circle. What's more, she cheated Mr. Ryan and married him by unfair means. Now Mr. Ryan have to share the debt of up to..."

With a click, Andrew turned off the TV bossily.

There was a terrible silence in the room. Sophia rushed madly to turn on the computer. There were a lot of reports and videos, not only in the media but also in the campus website of her alma mater.

For a moment, Sophia doubted that she might have a schizoid. The girl's figure and behavior in the video was indeed very similar to hers.


"Sophia, no one can imitate the things that are born with you."

Andrew's words came in her ears repeatedly.

Sophia lowered her head and glanced at the walnut sized heart-shaped birthmark in her hand.

She knew that those people didn't care about the truth at all!

"So what? What do you think a person like me who lives in this world stealthily will care about?" Sophia said calmly. There was no expression on her face.

Surely there was a limit to what one can bear. Once this limit was exceeded, one would definitely burst out.

Andrew's eyes were not as icy as before

. He put down the newspaper and turned back to his room.

In his impression, all of the women were troublesome, but it was the first time he had seen a woman like Sophia.

Sophia browsed posts on her laptop for almost a whole day. She read the comments one by one seriously. Most of people made sarcastic comments, trying to stir up troubles to amuse themselves.

Unexpectedly, all the comments on the Internet disappeared in less than an hour.

She couldn't even find any clues, which made Sophia so confused. When searching her own name on the Internet, the only information showed was only "daughter of Lin Group".

All of a sudden, everything went smoothly. With black circles under her eyes, Sophia curled up in bed with tiredness.

Three days later, Linda sent an invitation of a banquet.

After all, the two of them had already got the marriage license, not to mention it was Ryan's second marriage. There were so many incidents recently, presumably they didn't dare to hold a grand wedding.

Sophia rubbed her sleepy eyes. It was half past twelve at midnight.

She went out to get a glass of water and went back to her room. It was dark outside, and her heart was in a mess.

Turning on all the lights in the room, Sophia leaned against the wall and sat on the floor.

She sat there for a whole night. On the way to the hotel next day, Sophia sat in Andrew's car, managed to keep her eyelids from fluttering closed. She was so sleepy.

"How about sending you back to have a rest?" Andrew glanced at the woman in the passenger seat. Her delicate face was full of fatigue.

Sophia declined his suggestion with a wave of her hand. She sighed and walked into the hotel with Andrew arm in arm.

From the entrance to the sign-in desk, everything is well decorated. People could see that Ryan did care about Linda.

After all, it was just a banquet held by Mrs. Linda. However, it was grander than common wedding parties.

Linda entered the banquet hall in a pumpkin carriage, wearing a wedding dress customized by Swarovski and Disney, which was a special style of Cinderella Style. She walked gracefully towards the center of the stage.

Andrew didn't like this kind of boring occasion at all.

But he was a business tycoon after all. A lot of elites scrambled to propose a toast to him.

It had been a long time since Sophia attended such an occasion. She was not used to it, especially when Ryan and Linda stood in the stage, who was like a time bomb that could explode at any time.

Among a crowd of debutantes nearby, Joyce picked up her glass and glanced back. Inadvertently, she saw Sophia.

Linda had told her a lot about Sophia with fictions. Moreover, it seemed to her that she was the one who would be Andrew's wife.

Looking at the hesitant and indifferent Sophia, Joyce clenched her fists with resentment.

She walked towards Sophia arrogantly, her sixteen centimeter high heels clattering on the ground.

Joyce took a glass of champagne from the waiter and handed it to Sophia.

"Hello, Miss Sophia." She said as she reached out to shake hands with Sophia.

Sophia was very surprise, 'Is this woman the star who is often reported on TV, Joyce? There are rumors that she is Andrew's mysterious girlfriend.'

Sophia wasn't a woman to be trifled with. She took over the glass and put it on the table behind her.

The two of them looked at each other. It's obvious that Joyce came with evil intent. There was a sharp knife in the eyes.

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