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   Chapter 6 Pull The Scumbag To The Hell

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Becky's reaction caught Sophia off guard. Sophia didn't think it was a good idea to say it in front of the media. She could only smile and respond, "Auntie, when did you get an amnesia? This is a serious illness. You must treat it as soon as possible and don't delay the condition. "

Becky on the side had to suppress her anger and smile all the time. Seeing this, Linda followed closely behind Sophia and held her wrist tightly.

"Sophia, I know you want to restore the relationship between you and Ryan. But how do you ingratiate yourself with my mother-in-law in front of so many people. Otherwise, I'm your cousin. Ryan doesn't love you anymore. Please let him go..."

The shrill scream made Sophia stunned. Before she could react, Linda had already rolled down the stairs at the door of the hotel, and Linda's eyes were locked on her.

[林琳] covered her lower abdomen in pain. "I'm a bitch. I shouldn't have been a third party who destroyed your marriage with Ella. But you are so cruel! My baby... "

Ryan rushed to Linda madly and picked her up. The white wedding dress was stained with blood and it was like blooming scarlet flowers.

With a DV player and flashlights swarming in front of Sophia, she could only hear the clicking of the shutter.

In a trance, Sophia seemed to have seen her father jump from the building. The blood must be more?

Her eyes were slightly red, and in an instant, someone shouted behind her, "Sophia, I can see that you are very unstable now. Did you personally push your cousin, the current wife of your ex-husband down the stairs? Are you premeditated?"

With a questioning voice, Sophia sneered heartily. Is it really necessary to bite the words like this? It was Linda who held her arm just now, and she didn't move. How did she push Linda down the stairs?

Holding [林琳] in his arms, [厉墨凌] walked to the car. He looked back at her coldly and glared at her on the stairs. "We have been married for three years. I have never thought that you are such a vicious woman! Sophia, you are just not human! "

She didn't retort. She just watched Ryan get into the car with Linda in his arms and leave without saying anything.

After the reporters left, there were only two people left outside the hotel.

"Are you sad that the man is so determined that you are a bitch?" Andrew lit a cigarette and calmly looked at the car driving away.

After calming herself down, Sophia sneered, "I was wondering whether many media were taking pictures of my father when he jumped off the building? that scene must have more blood, right? "

Andrew's hand, which was tidying up his collar, paused. This woman was really unusual!

When she returned to Andrew's villa, she curled up in the corner of the sofa, without saying a word, and her brown eyes were tightly locked outside the window.

After hanging up the phone, Andrew walked quickly to her and turned on the TV.

"According to today's latest report, the daughter of Lin Group declined and the daughter of Lin Group divorced the president of Fu group. Ryan will marry another woman in a short few days. On the day of their wedding, Sophia, the daughter of Lin group, pushed her cousin down the stairs and caused her miscarriage. According to th

e vice president of Li family, Andrew said that he believed Sophia... "

The host 's commentary on the TV made Sophia laugh out loud: "The host is going around, does she really know what happened?"

Andrew stared at her without saying a word.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Anni opened the door and Ryan broke in.

Looking at Sophia on the sofa so cozy, Ryan was even more angry. He quickly walked to Sophia, and pointed at her and shouted, "Sophia! Did you ask someone to say that on TV? And you are going to marry Andrew. How can you be so shameless? Is it because your father is dead and you have to rely on another men to support you? "

Immediately, Sophia picked up the champagne in front of her and poured it on Ryan, and then she thrown the glass cup to the ground.

" It's true that dogs will bite people randomly when they are anxious. We are divorced now. Even if I marry your father, it won't be your business, right? I have to rely on men to support me. At least, I'm fair and aboveboard. It's better than someone rely on his wife's and living in her house and cheating on her, isn't it? "

'After all, Sophia was a debutante, ' but in Andrew's eyes, ' she was as bad as an aunt who cursed on TV.' However, what she said was quite funny. Andrew didn't expect that Ryan, who came to make trouble for Sophia, was immediately frustrated.

At this moment, Andrew lazily stepped forward and pulled Sophia into his arms. He looked at Ryan provocatively and said, "but you can't afford to raise the woman in your whole life. If you continue to be entangled with her, I can make you regret for the rest of your life! "

He glared at the sweet faces of Sophia and Andrew in front of him. One was a business tycoon of his peers, and the other was his once abandoned wife. He had mixed feelings. It was jealousy. Even if Sophia's father passed away and the Lin family was destroyed, Sophia could still live a comfortable life

Ryan slammed the door and walked out. He didn't expect that he would be defeated when he came prepared.

In the hospital, Linda grabbed the sheet angrily, tears rolling in her eyes. "I have been suppressed by her since I was a child! I didn't care about the past. But this time, Sophia killed our child! Ryan, you are so cruel! "

Tired and speechless, he had nothing to do. The anger brought by [林琳] also aroused the dissatisfaction in Ryan's heart. He glared at [林琳] and said, "that's enough. How many years can you talk about such a thing? how can I fight against Andrew? You're courting death. But I don't want to do that! "

Ryan's roar was much more useful to Linda. She not only stopped making trouble.

but also endured the pain in her belly and stood up pouring a glass of milk for Ryan. She looked at him gently and said, "honey, I might have been a little anxious just now, but we have tried our best for so long. This child is the crystal of our love. I'm sorry to make you suffer in front of Andrew. "

As Linda spoke, she slipped into the strong arm of Ryan. It was always difficult for men to resist the tenderness of women, and Ryan was no exception. He snorted and said nothing more. But Linda knew that even though Ryan didn't say anything now, he must be plotting something.

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