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   Chapter 5 Wedding of a Shameless Couple

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The clothes were all very beautiful. Sophia had to admit that the scheming man had a much better taste than her. Oh, to be exact, it was the power of money!

Andrew left in a hurry at dinner time, Sophia didn't ask why.

It seemed that when she was Ryan's wife, she had never asked him whereabouts. Moreover, Andrew was just a stranger who broke into her life suddenly.

Andrew hadn't come back for two days and two nights.

He had spent two nights in the company. Lily looked at her boss with fear and said, "Mr. Andrew, do you really want your fiancee to stay at home alone? What about the rumors outside..."

"When she stays alone, she can more or less release some negative emotions. If her mind was always in a tight state, she may collapse." Looking at the neon building in front of him, Andrew couldn't help but mutter in his heart, 'Tomorrow is the wedding day of Linda and Ryan. What will that stupid woman do at home?'

In the villa, Sophia tossed and turned, not in the mood to sleep.

She recalled that a week ago, she was planning to travel to Melbourne with Ryan at the end of this year. Why did everything suddenly change? It was like a dream.

At dawn, Sophia finally fell asleep.

When Sophia woke up, all kinds of people gathered in the villa. She was shocked to see so many people downstairs.

Then Sophia was pressed on the chair by makeup artist and stylist. She wasn't allowed to get up from the luxury chair until more than an hour later. Sophia was so tired and struggled to get up.

Her delicate face was reflected in the European style full length mirror. The long chestnut hair hung down to waist, several big wave curls made her look a little nifty, which hided her haggard look for the past few days.

The fishtail dress, which was inlaid with more than 50000 pcs crystal, perfectly highlighted her curvaceous figure. The design of the lace on her chest made the dress not be too frivolous.

There was a car whistle outside the door. Sophia walked towards the door quickly.

A dark black Bentley SUV came into view domineeringly. Even Sophia herself felt speechless because there were more than a dozen luxurious cars behind this SUV, as if she was going to marry.

A head popped out from the driver's seat of a Mercedes-Benz G550. A pair of big eyes flashed under the dark blue hair, and the face was more exquisite than a girl's. Looking at this beautiful face, Sophia was stunned.

"Call me Allen! I'm a good friend of Andy. I know you're Sophia!" Allen also saluted Sophia playfully. She was supposed to be nervous, but she was amused by Allen soon.

The motorcade drove to the gate of the hotel. At the same time, the wedding car arrived on time.

Opposite them were ten same black convertible BMW. In the front car sat Linda, who wore the latest wedding dress of Chanel this year, with a happy smile on her face.

But when she saw the SUV in front of her, her smile suddenly faded.

The media reporters couldn't wait to press the shutter. Under the flashlights, Sophia got out of the car hand in hand with Andrew.

Everyone's eyes were focused on the two of them. Since Sophia hadn't been to this kind of occasion for a long time, she was still not used

to it and grabbed the sleeve of Andrew tightly.

It was really unexpected that a reporter suddenly asked loudly, "Miss. Sophia, why do you attend your ex-husband's wedding with Mr. Andrew? Your dress worth at least a million, isn't it? There is a rumor online that your wedding day with Mr. Andrew is approaching..."

In an instant, the reporters swarmed over, blocking Linda and Ryan behind.

Linda had no choice but to hold back her anger and smile brightly. Seeing this scene, Andrew waved his hand to the security and then responded to the reporters, "My fiancee is shy. Please don't be so aggressive..."

"Ouch! She is so shy. I wondered who's so shameless, blocking in front of the wedding car of my daughter-in-law. It turned out to be this bitch? She dated with a rich man before getting divorce. Tut-tut, this gentleman, see it clearly please. Sophia is a barren woman. Marrying her is a business without profits!" Becky cursed as she walked through the side door. When she saw the dazzling Sophia, her eyes were full of hatred.

The media reporters immediately turned the cameras to Becky and shot constantly.

Sophia's face was aflame about the vicious curse. She held Andrew's sleeve tightly, looked at the mother of her ex-husband and retorted, "I got married with your son for three years, but he didn't touch me at all. It will be a big news if I can be pregnant. By the way, Auntie Becky, Ryan doesn't have a father either. It seems that it's possible for a woman to give birth to a baby without husband."

An eye for an eye.

She would never allow herself to be bullied again.

Linda, who was standing next to Sophia, ran to her with tears in her eyes. She held up Sophia's wrist and cried, "Sister, you can't blame all these on Ryan. He is a man. How can he tolerate you having an affair with Mr. Andrew for so many years in private? I know I have done wrong to you. But please, sister. I really love Ryan..."

What a wonderful drama! People who didn't know the truth might really think that Sophia was a vicious woman. And Linda's pitiful appearance made those uninitiated felt sorry for her, but no one cared about the dirty truth.

With a sneer, Sophia mocked, "Whatever I don't want is rubbish, no matter how good it is. I don't care whether you love each other or not. For the sake of family ties, I come to your wedding with your brother-in-law and congratulate you. Is there anything wrong?"

Linda's heart was full of hatred but she was put to silence.

Without anyone noticing, Becky raised her hand and slapped Sophia. If Andrew didn't react timely and held Sophia, she would have been slapped in the face.

Andrew wore a grim look, and everyone felt that the temperature around him dropped in an instant. He bent over and whispered in Becky's ear, "I can take over your son's company within an hour, and then you will lost everything."

Becky gnashed her teeth in hatred and stared at Sophia viciously.

Then she bent down and bowed, "Miss. Sophia, I'm really sorry. I drank some wine when I came here. It seems that I have a relapse."

Becky squeezed every word out of her teeth. Surprised by the sudden change of her attitude, Sophia looked at Andrew in shock.

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