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   Chapter 4 I'm Getting Married

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Andrew looked frivolous and disdainful.

"It's too late. Your beloved and your cousin will get married in Highston Hotel three days later. What she told you was just the tip of the iceberg. Aunt Jane is now in the 909 Mental Hospital. Do you think you have any other choice?" He couldn't help laughing. Perhaps it was the first time that he had seen a woman who was ungrateful.

'My mother is in a mental hospital?' Standing still, Sophia stared at the man in front of her.

She tried her best to hold back her emotions. She couldn't break down till the last extremity. The Lin family was now completely over. Her mother was crazy, and her father was dead. That tens of millions of debt...

Sophia closed her eyes and thought carefully about the situation. After a while, she turned around and looked at the man behind her, "What can you get from me?"

"An ovum."

Andrew said calmly, as if he was talking about a commodity transaction.

Giving birth to a baby for him? For a moment, it was hard for Sophia to accept it. But when she thought of the Lin family and her father's death, she hesitated, "What about the debt of Lin family?"

"As my woman, do you need to worry about that? Come with me to the funeral home to see your father for the last time." He glanced at Sophia, worried that she would collapse at that moment.

The funeral home was very quiet. Except for the two drivers of Lin family and the family members, there was no one else.

Looking at her father in the photo, Sophia felt a sharp pain in her heart. She knelt down in front of the photo and wiped the glass frame by hand over and over again. She didn't dare to look at her father in the crystal coffin.

She was afraid that she couldn't bear to see her father's unrecognizable appearance. From cremation to burial, Sophia just watched from afar coldly.

She couldn't cry, nor could a drop of tear fall. The huge debt of blood and outrageous unjust, she'll make the shameless couple pay with blood!

After leaving the funeral home, Sophia went to the mental hospital. However, the doctor ruled out visits from her mother. Sophia could only linger outside the hospital to have a look. When she came back to the car, she looked at Andrew and asked, "What do you need me to do next?"

"Good. I like smart women." Andrew smiled.

He stepped on the gas and drove to the most famous SU Building in the QZ City. There were all kinds of first-line luxury goods.

They took the elevator to the top floor. Even before Sophia got married, she had never been here. It was said that almost all of the goods here were high-end customized clothes of famous brands or limited editions that were extravagant all over the world. She was not that prodigal.

The director of Tiffany stood at the door to receive them in person. More than 20 sales women and clothing designers stood in a line outside the door one by one and bowed. Their eyes were fixed on Andrew, didn't even look at Sophia once.

Glancing around the samples, Andrew's eyes fell directly on a fishtail dress made of crystal. He glanced at Sophia and said, "Customize this dress according to her figure. It should be delivered three days later by nine o'clock in the morning."

The director looked at Sophia, who was standing still beside him. He thought he had misheard. It was not until he saw that the face of Andrew gradually darkened...

Some of the sales women even knelt on the grou

nd to measure the size of Sophia's calf. She was flattered.

"Besides, customize a wedding dress, no need to consider the price. You must make her the most beautiful bride in the world. The wedding date is twenty-eighth next month." Leaning against the European style sofa lazily, Andrew said in a tone as if the wedding was buying stuff.

'Twenty-eighth next month?' Sophia was taken aback.

'Why do I need to be told that I am going to get married?'

She looked at Andrew awkwardly, "The, the twenty-eighth of next month?"

"Of course, if you like you can choose tomorrow." Andrew shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently.

Sophia swallowed after hearing his words. This man was really a get-things-done guy.

Since Sophia had signed the divorce agreement, she would definitely not go back to the house where she used to live. However, the dowry jewelry that her father had chosen for her before her marriage was in that house... Though the jewelry was not priceless, but it was what her father left for her, and father was gone now...

After leaving the SU Building, Sophia opened the door and got in the car. Sitting in the car, she tentatively looked at the man in the driver's seat and asked, "Can you accompany me to my ex-husband's house?"

"What? Do you really want to take those rubbish back?" Andrew's tone was full of disdain. However, he was not that frivolous. When he realized that his words might hurt Sophia, he paused and continued.

"Sophia, your parents brought you up in a spoiled manner. They didn't want you to be a nurse! Besides, if you like those rubbish, you can go back and take them. Remember, what you lost and what was trampled by others can only be regarded as rubbish! No matter what it is!"

Although Andrew's attitude was not good, his scolding was a good lesson for her.

Yes, she had lost everything except her poor self-esteem. Her dignity couldn't be trampled anymore.

When Sophia went back to the Peninsula Villa, she thought of the day when she had a hangover and made this place a mess. With great care she pushed the door open. To her surprise, everything was restored to original appearance, as if this house had supernatural power.

"Ah, have you cleaned up this place? I'm really sorry for that day." Sitting leisurely on the sofa, Sophia flipped through the magazines on the table. These were exclusive to be financial magazines, too hard for her to understand.

Andrew took a deep breath. If this stupid woman hadn't been poisoned by alcohol that day, he would have thrown her into the sea to feed sharks! At that time, the vomit, red wine, and oil stains from the leg of lamb were everywhere in the living room. Just thinking of that scene made his stomach churned.

Of course, these furniture were all brand new because he had asked someone to buy exactly the same ones back.

"If it happens again, Sophia, I'll throw you and those dirty furniture into the trash bin." Andrew felt chagrined. He was a neat freak, but he found that he could do nothing to this stupid woman.

Sophia hurried back to the guest room upstairs. Seeing that the wardrobe was not closed tightly, she opened it in curious.

She was dumbfounded by what she saw. There were all kinds of famous brands' dresses and women's clothes in the wardrobe, and they were all well matched. When Sophia checked the tag, she found that they were all S size.

He must have bought it for her?

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