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   Chapter 3 I Don't Need Pity

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With the help of alcohol, Sophia soon curled up on the sofa and easily dozed off to sleep.

The next morning, she awoke with bright lights shining on her.

She was having a dream about being taken to the hospital, and could distinctly remember the pungent smell of disinfectant wafting into her nose.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, and was overwhelmed with how white everything was. 'Wait... Am I still dreaming? Am I actually in a hospital?'

She was shocked by this thought. When she came to her senses, she noticed that she was lying down on a rather uncomfortable bed.

An IV was hooked up to her right hand. There was a man sitting on a chair at her bedside. He was wearing a light-gray suit and British leather shoes. As she looked up at the man's handsome profile, she saw that his face was full of fatigue.

"Why am I here?" Sophia rubbed her head, trying to recall what had happened last night.

"Alcohol poisoning," Andrew said indifferently with a shrug.

For some reason, from the moment she woke up, Sophia felt that everything around her was out of place. She even felt that there was a bit of pity in the eyes of Andrew when he looked at her.

She sat up slowly and looked for her cell phone in the bedside table.

"You'd better have a good rest first. You can deal with the things after you get out of here." Andrew pushed the drawer hard and closed it.

Sophia was about to curse the man in front of her. However, the door to her ward suddenly opened.

The familiar face of Linda Lin came into sight. Sophia was surprised, but when Linda Lin opened her mouth, Sophia was almost on the verge of collapse.

"What a shameless bitch! You have the audacity to think about divorcing Ryan while you are lovey-dovey with another man in the hospital?! As the Miss Sophia of the Lin family, how could you be so shameless? With your father gone, you can be sure that you are no longer a part of this family! You'd better sign the divorce agreement as soon as you can!" As Linda Lin spoke, she threw the folder in her hand to Sophia.

Her words made Sophia confused. What did Linda Lin mean by saying that her father was gone?

It was like Sophia didn't hear anything else. Linda Lin's words seemed to have made everything come to a sudden halt.

Sophia pulled off the bandage on her right hand, threw the transfusion bottle aside and grabbed the collar of Linda's shirt. "What did you mean by saying that my father was gone?" she screamed.

Linda trembled with fear. Perhaps it was the first time that Linda had seen Sophia lose her temper like this.

With her teeth clenched, Linda tried to push away Sophia's hands and took a stiff step back.

"My dear cousin... Did you really not know? Uncle Lin was embezzling the funds, making the company's accounts get buried in debt of tens of millions. Yesterday, all the members of the board of directors went to your house to confront him about it. The police were even there to try and arrest him. It was hard for him to accept it, I guess, so he jumped down from the fifth floor of the Lin mansion. Such a shame. Did you really not know any of this?" Linda smiled sarcastically.

It was like something was pressing against Sophia's chest, making it hard for her to breathe. How could this be possible?

Her whole had gone weak and limp. Meanwhile, Andrew just watched silently and was at a loss for what to do. After all, it was someone else's family matters. As he stayed by the sidelines, he couldn't help but guess how devastating all of this must be for Sophia.

Although her face was a mask of shock and pain, Sophia couldn't shed a single tear, probably because she ha

d already cried too much last night.

Hatred filled Sophia's heart as she glared at Linda with blood-red eyes, like an angry and provoked lioness.

"Why are you the one asking me to sigh the divorce papers? Where is Ryan? Why didn't he come here himself? Does he not have the guts to come see me?" Sophia sneered, each word coming out of her mouth filled with acidity.

Linda smiled frivolously. "My cousin, are you pretending to be dumb or are you really just stupid? Didn't you run into me and Ry in the car that day? Besides, it's useless even if you don't want to divorce. Now I'm pregnant with his child, and his mother knows about it. By the way, she said if you didn't clean up your rubbish today, she would throw it away for you. Such rotten luck, huh?"

Rotten luck?

When Sophia heard these two words, she burst into laughter.

"Linda, what kind of person do you think Ryan is? Rotten luck, you say? When I married that fool, I brought in three million dollars as my dowry. That was my money. How else do you think Ryan was able to drive a Porsche and wear branded clothes? He was nothing before he married me, and only lived on his annual two thousand dollars scholarship. Marrying him is the unluckiest thing that has ever happened to me!"

Even though her face was pale and she was wearing nothing but a hospital gown, Sophia was still full of life and vigor as she clapped back at Linda.

Perhaps it was because the hysteria of Sophia was so pitiful that Andrew couldn't help but stand up from the chair and walked straightly to her. He held her slender waist, took out a platinum pen from his pocket, and casually signed Sophia's name on the divorce agreement.

"Although you refused me before, I didn't agree to it," he said with a sly smile. Andrew's words confused Sophia.

She turned him down? How was that possible?

All of a sudden, Sophia remembered back when she had just turned 20. Her mother said that Uncle Li's son who had been studying abroad had come back to visit his family, and she wanted them to have a blind date. Could it be that this was Uncle Li's son? Andrew Li?

Was it him? She stared at the man with tearful eyes.

The smile on Linda's face gradually became strained. She waved the divorce agreement in her hand and rolled her eyes. "Great! I'll be leaving now. I wish you two a happy marriage!"

The smile on her face was dazzling and mocking. Sophia tried hard to hold back her anger. With a bitter smile, she sneered at Linda. "I have high hopes for you and Ryan! I wish you two never have children no matter how hard you two try! Such a waste of space if you ask me."

Linda took the divorce agreement and walked out of the ward quickly in sheer exasperation, her hands clenching into fists.

'Sophia, I will get what you had back then. Everything you have will be mine. Let's wait and see!'

When Linda had left, Sophia walked away, took her handbag, and went to the bathroom. Luckily, she always kept her makeup in her bag even if she didn't use it. After freshening up, she carefully fixed herself up.

It wouldn't be a surprise if there were a lot of reporters gathered outside.

Just as she was about to put on her coat, Andrew took out his iPad and handed it to her. "Sign this contract. You need help, and, truthfully speaking, I'm the only one who can help you avenge yourself and your father."


Sophia quickly skimmed through the contract. 'What is this? A contract to be married for three years?

There are over a hundred rules and guidelines written here!'

She shook her head and smiled, "Mr. Andrew, I don't need pity from anyone, especially from you."

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