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   Chapter 2 Your Place Or Mine

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Before Ryan could react, Sophia had opened the door and got into Andrew's Porsche.

Stunned, Andrew smirked and walked over to the driver's seat, closing the door.

The car soon drove out of the underground parking lot. Sophia stared anxiously at Andrew.

"Your name is Andrew Li, right? Thanks for getting me out of there despite the fact that... you know... You were attacking me before." Her voice was very small, almost like a whisper.

Andrew's angular face was incredibly handsome, like he was personally chiseled by the hands of God. The man suddenly stepped on the brake and turned his head. His sharp, falcon-like eyes were fixed on Sophia, which made her blush instantly.

Seeing the way he was looking at her, she couldn't help but move away from him. "What... what are you planning to do?"

Andrew was not annoyed by her reaction. On the contrary, he was very much interested in the winded woman in front of him.

When he drove off, he thought that Sophia would suddenly burst into tears or she would hysterically roar at the hardships she had suffered for many years.

To his pleasant surprise, she was a lot more strong-willed than she appeared to be.

With an arrogant and evil smile, he put his arm behind her seat. "Where are we going, Miss? Your place or mine? Or maybe you'd like to get a hotel room?"

"How dare you! Who the hell do you think you are? Look, thanks for what you did just now but I've got to go now. Bye!" As Sophia spoke, she reached out to open the door, but found that the door had been locked. A kind of inexplicable fear surged up in her heart. 'Stupid! Stupid! Why did I get into this man's car!' she cursed in her heart.

Suddenly, the man stepped on the gas and drove at a high speed on the street, as if declaring his sovereignty.

He looked back at the front passenger seat. It was interesting for him to see the fear and trepidation on her face.

"Miss, do you think a normal man would be interested in a woman like you? Plus, do you honestly believe that you and your pathetic husband won't get into a fight if you go home now?"

Hearing that, Sophia breathed a heavy sigh. A few seconds later, she furrowed her brows. 'Wait! What does he mean that a normal man would not be interested in a woman like me?' ?

"Do you think I'll lose if I get into a fight with him? Besides, I'm the daughter of the Lin Group! If I get a divorce with him, that scumbag will have no choice but to leave without getting a single penny from me!" She sounded so arrogant, but it was understandable since the Lin family was one of the biggest names in the whole city.

Hearing the two words "Lin Group", Andrew frowned. The Lin Group had declined, and the company's project had a great deficit up to ten million. It was said that the bank loan for their latest project hadn't been approved yet.

Could it be the Lin Group she was referring to?

Looking back, he found that although the little woman had an arrogant air to her tone, she looked very simple and quaint. Although there was not an ounce of makeup on her face, her skin was smooth and flawless. However, her cheeks were a little bit too sullen. No matter how weak her body looked, it was difficult to hide the beauty of the woman. With a careful observation, one could still see that she was beautiful.

She didn't have a sweet life after marriage. Even though she was the daughter of a rich family, she looked like she was having so many hardships -- another silly woman who was obsessed with the wrong man.

Andrew swiped the screen of his mobile phone and threw it directly to Sophia. "This is the recent situation of the Lin Group's stock market."

Even though Sophia didn't know much about stocks, she sc

anned the screen and found that the stock was steadily going downhill day by day. Her bright eyes were as wide as bells.

How could it be possible that such things happened to the Lin Group? Then what about Ryan company? No way!

Her mind was in a mess. Grasping Andrew's sleeve tightly, she begged, "Please. Please take me home first! I must go home! This must be that bastard's doing!"

Her panicked look was somewhat cute in Andrew's eyes. He had never thought that a seemingly innocent little woman would have so much fire in her. At a glance, she could see that it was a trick played by her 'loving' husband.

"Go back now? Do you want to humiliate yourself?" Andrew snorted indifferently.

In a panic, she took a few deep breaths and finally relaxed her tense mood.

She couldn't go back now. She had to think of a solution. Looking at the man beside her, she pressed her lips into a fine line. "Can you take me in for one night? I'll even pay for my stay, no matter how much it is. When I get home tomorrow, I can get you the money."

Andrew didn't say a word. He drove the car quickly to a manor villa community. Soon, he pulled over at a villa nestled at the innermost part.

"Is this your home?" Looking around, Sophia guessed that the house prices here should be several times higher than hers. The tall palm trees around the area offered a refreshing vibe. Gingerly, she stepped into the villa with Andrew.

Looking around, it seemed like they were the only ones who were there.

She had many questions in her heart, but Sophia didn't dare to ask anything.

She strolled around the villa. It was so grand and beautiful. Luxurious decorations could be seen at every turn.

Aside from the decorations, everything else was either black or white.

At first glance, she thought that she had walked into a hotel by mistake.

Then, she heard the door behind her creak. Looking back, she saw that Andrew was about to walk out, with his car keys in his hand. "You're going out?" she asked.

He turned around and glanced at her. "If I find anything out of place when I come back tomorrow..."

he ordered, not bothering to finish saying his threat.

Without waiting for her reply, Andrew closed the door behind him. Sophia tapped her foot impatiently. 'Great! Was he planning to starve me to death all along?'

Sighing, she made her way into the kitchen. When she opened the fridge, her eyes widened in surprise. There were all kinds of delicious dishes, but the thing that caught her attention was a roast lamb leg! It was a personal favorite of hers before she got married to Ryan.

She grabbed the lamb leg and put it on the chopping board. Then she took the knife and gently sliced a small piece of it. It was so tender that it almost melted in her mouth. She could taste that this was cooked with authentic truffles, leaving a distinct earthy taste in her mouth that made her close her eyes in pleasure.

Looking around, she saw a bottle of red wine -- 1992 Lafite. With a small smile, she opened the bottle and poured herself a glass.

At this moment, she figured the best thing she could do was numb down her nerves with some alcohol. Quietly, she ate the small meal she had prepared for herself. It was a rather surprisingly pleasant night. However, she couldn't help but have tears well up in her eyes.

How could it be? How did everything become like this? Looking out of the window at the rising sun, Sophia couldn't see any hope in her future. Her mother had always been very harsh to her, and had never been nice to Ryan. Now her marriage had become a mess. How could she explain herself to the Lin family?

If she had known it earlier, she might as well have gone into business.

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