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   Chapter 1 What A Shameless Couple!

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The setting sun shone on the wedding photos on the wall. Exactly three years had passed since then, and the warm, hopeful sunlight brought upon a sense of irony.

Sophia Lin glanced at her phone angrily. It was already half past seven. Although Ryan Fu didn't come home frequently, how could he forget about their wedding anniversary?

Time passed by like blur. She sat on the sofa alone and waited until half past one in the morning.

She called to his company, but no one answered.

Unable to bear her anger, Sophia Lin changed her clothes and took her car keys. She drove quickly to the company where Ryan Fu worked, her foot pressing hard on the gas pedal.

After parking the car, she walked inside and into the elevator. Ryan Fu's office was on the thirteenth floor.

With a faint 'ding', the elevator doors opened. It was dark inside. Since it was nighttime and everyone had gone home from work, it looked like the office came straight out of a horror movie. Sophia Lin leaned against the wall. Slowly, she slid down to the floor, her eyes wet with tears.

They were once the most envied model couple. However, they had been married for three years and Ryan Fu had never laid a single finger on her.

Sophia Lin had been treated with great respect in the marriage. But whenever she wanted to be a little intimate with Ryan Fu, he would back away from her as if he was so disgusted by her. It didn't make sense -- they were each other's first love! She didn't even know what she had done wrong.

In order to make their relationship better, Sophia Lin changed herself a lot. She got rid of all her irrational and wasteful habits. She didn't even buy any new clothes in the past three years. What was more, she learned to cook many kinds of dishes to win Ryan Fu's favor every day, and took care of all the housework. In the end, all her efforts were in vain.

More often than not, Sophia Lin felt too exhausted because of how hard she tried to please Ryan every day.

After calming herself down, she stood up and groped the walls, trying to walk forward in the darkness. She got back inside the elevator and went back down the building. Despair gradually overwhelmed her.

In truth, she had expected that something like this would happen. Still, it was such a painful thing for her to experience.

Feeling dazed and hopeless, she walked towards the entrance of the underground parking lot tiredly. All of a sudden, a crimson Porsche Cayenne in the corner came into her view. There was no chance that she could've seen it that easily -- it was probably just her woman's intuition.

For some reason, she was sure that Ryan Fu was in the car.

She walked carefully towards the back of the car. It was not until she got closer that she realized that the car had been subtly rocking back and forth.

It didn't take a genius to know what was going inside that car. She clenched her right hand into a fist, her nails digging deep into her palm. Blood soon started to trickle down slowly to her finger.

The woman's camisole was hanging down to her waist. They even boldly rolled down the window, and her underwear hung shamelessly on the edge.

Although Sophia had been standing in front of the car for a long time, the couple in the car did not notice anything.

Just as she tried to kick the side of the car to stop them, her body was pulled back with a pair of strong arms.

Sophia turned around instantly and looked into a pair of deep eyes. Although she tried her best to resist, she was too weak to fight against the strength of the man behind her.

A large hand went up to her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Just like that, Sophia was dragged directly into the black car next to her. Even when she fought with all her strength, it was useless. The door was half closed. The more she struggled, the more interested the man became.

The man's eyes were wide with excitement. It was not hard to imagine that he might had been under the influence of drugs.


hia was so angry that her face turned red. She tightly grasped one of the man's arms and twisted it. A suffocating pain came and the man screamed.

At this moment, the door was opened from outside. In an arrogant and aloof posture, Ryan folded his arms on his chest and watched the fun in front of him.

"What are you doing here? Did you really have to find a man to cheat on me with in my own company? I'd like to see who this boy toy is." As he spoke, Ryan reached out and pulled Sophia out of the car, trying to see who the man was.

Sophia's eyes turned red, crying in her heart, 'How could he think that? He didn't even ask me what happened! Did he think that I was willing to get attacked?'

She paused, tidied up her clothes and pretended to be calm. "Yes! Because it's so much funny. Can't you see?"

Her scornful tone irritated the man in front of her. Meanwhile, she quickly glanced at the woman in Ryan's car. It looked like she was quickly tidying up her clothes -- only her back could be seen as her face was hidden under the shadows.

Infuriated by Sophia's words, Ryan raised his hand and slapped her on the face.

"You slut! I knew it was a bad decision to agree to marry you!"

In this moment, Sophia realized that she couldn't show any cowardice in front of this love rat! The anger that she had endured for over three years instantly erupted. Sophia grabbed a mug she saw in the car and smashed it at his forehead.

"Don't forget your place, Mr. Ryan. I was the one who agreed to marry you! Without me, where will you have gotten the luxury car and mansion to find fancy women? Maybe I should've just gotten a dog. At least it would be good for something like guarding the door. You, on the other hand, are pathetic!"

Meanwhile, the man who had attacked her leaned against the car as he looked at Sophia bemusedly.

Sophia stared at Ryan, who was holding his head and groaning in pain. "Can't you see how shameless you really are? You are nothing without me. I can break you into pieces if I wanted to, you scum!"

Shocked by her tone, the man behind her showed a sly smile. 'Well, this is a little interesting.'

For a long time, Ryan didn't dare to stand up, probably because he didn't expect that Sophia would be so explosive.

"I'm not a boy toy, by the way. My name is Andrew Li."

Sophia looked back at him in astonishment. Walking over, he pulled his tie and tidied up his clothes. It was obvious that given the current situation, he hadn't have time to explain the inexplicable things that had just happened.

With his eyes widening, Ryan stared at the black car in front of him. It was a limited Porsche. A look of shock and fear appeared on his face.

"Mr. Andrew? Are... are you really Andrew?" Ryan was so nervous that he couldn't help but tremble and stammer.

But on second thought, it was obvious that Andrew Li was caught trying to harass Sophia, so Ryan stood up and squared his shoulders.

"But Sophia is my legal wife. I'm afraid what you've done to her is not appropriate, Mr. Andrew."

Hearing this, Sophia was dumbfounded at how Ryan was suddenly acting. Meanwhile, Andrew Li walked closer to Sophia and held her chin with his hand. "So what? From now on, she is my woman," he said in a contemptuous tone.

Obviously, Ryan was embarrassed that he was cuckolded and provoked in public, but soon he managed to put on a dry smile.

"Honey, let's talk about it when we get home. We shouldn't be bothering Mr. Andrew like this. It's so embarrassing. Let's go." Ryan looked at Sophia viciously.

However, much to his surprise, Sophia just scoffed at him. "Who's this 'honey' you're referring to? You easily call me that without thinking about the bitch in your car. I'm sorry. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

Ryan tried to pull her back, but was pushed away by Andrew Li. "Don't make me have to say it twice," he said coldly.

It was probably the first time that Sophia had felt a firm sense of being protected.

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