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   Chapter 283 Reflect On Yourself

Steal A Stony Heart By Chang Du Characters: 3350

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:03

"Lock this unfilial girl in the room to reflect on herself!"

The old voice resounded through the closed space. Annie widened her eyes in fear.

Grandpa hit her and wanted to lock her up?

Was he crazy?

Did he have to do this for an outsider?

"Grandpa, please don't do this."

Lily hurried forward to plead for Annie. Seeing her pitiful look, she felt sorry for her.

"Lily, she is insulting our ancestors. I'm guilty. I shouldn't have raised such an ungrateful girl!"

Mr. Albert was heartbroken. He pointed at Annie and raised his eyebrows.

He really regretted that he didn't send his granddaughter to the army for training. If he did that, she shouldn't have humiliated the family like this.

"Who let you intercede for me? You pretend to be a good person. I'm not afraid of you at all. Humph, you are so stupid. You can't even tell this vicious woman in front of you. Are you blind?"

Annie broke out into abuses, regardless of her image. She even abused her grandfather.


been a hero for half a life. It was time for him to rest.

For so many years, although his grandfather was very kind to him, he knew more about his grandfather's strict and endless requirements.

Now he understood that his grandfather just thought that it would make them live a happier life.

Mr. Albert straightened his suit and walked onto the stage, still in a meticulous manner.

"Everyone, welcome to my banquet..."

Lily looked at the old man on the stage and said with a smile, "Grandpa must be very handsome when he was young."

"Not as handsome as me."

The man beside her said in a low voice. In her heart, he must be the most handsome man!

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