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   Chapter 281 Importance

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The next day, Jack's grandfather suddenly called and asked him to take Lily home for dinner.

"I don't want to go."

At the thought of the day when the Nan family made difficulties for her, she was afraid and did not want to face their cold faces.

Of course, Jack knew what she was afraid of. He sat beside her and gently held her in his arms.

"It's okay. I'll be with you."

His words made her feel at ease.

Yes, with Jack, what was she afraid of?

Last time when she went to the Nan house, she did not suffer any grievance. Even though Annie didn't like her, Jack did not give in at all, and made Annie embarrassed.

"They have already known that you are pregnant. I guess grandpa asked us to go back for the marriage."

According to his grandpa's character, he couldn't wait to have a great grandson. Jack guessed that he would treat Lily very well this time.

She nodded, got changed and went to the Nan house with Jack.

The old house of the Nan family was full of people, and the s

ught it was not good for her to quarrel with Annie in the Nan family, she finally held it back.

"Annie, greet your sister-in-law,"

said Jack in a low voice. He was also dissatisfied with what Annie did.

This girl was indeed a little unruly. He could allow her to do whatever she wanted, but he would not allow her to be presumptuous in front of his wife.

Annie let go of her hand and looked away with disdain.

She wouldn't call her sister-in-law!

"I will only call Sarah sister-in-law."

Her words completely irritated Jack. He looked coldly at his favorite sister, but there was no longer favor in his eyes. It was like he was looking at a stranger.

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