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   Chapter 280 Don't Touch Me, I Am Pregnant

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3328

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:13

The angry look on her face made Jack want to tease her.

He held her hands above his head to keep her from moving, and looked rather complacent.

"Will you ask me not to go home again?"

He grinned wickedly, as if he was warning the woman under him with his eyes.

Seeing his complacence, she was annoyed.

She would make him unable to smile later!

"I'm pregnant."

Lily looked into his eyes and said word by word.

Hearing this, Jack was stunned. Pregnant?

"What did you say?"

He raised his eyebrows and asked doubtfully.

"I said I'm pregnant. The test report is on the desk. You can check it yourself."

Jack let go of her immediately, ran to the desk, picked up the test report and read it carefully.

He turned around and looked at Lily, and his face was full of surprise.

"I love you."

Although he had always been calm, he couldn't control his excitement at the moment.

Jack rushed to the woman sitting on the bed and held her tightly in his arms.


n who gave birth to it was most important.

"No, I like it as long as you gave birth to it."

He gently kissed her lips and covered her chattering mouth. Looking at his closed eyes, she was a little nervous.

He hoped that the child could inherit the good genes of his father and become a handsome man!

The man's big hand fumbled into her clothes restlessly. His desire was even more aroused when he heard her groaning.

"No, Jack."

She was pregnant now. What was he doing?

"It's okay. I will be gentle," said Jack with a smile.

After saying that, he kissed her soft lips again...

The night was filled with the sound of the love-making...

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