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   Chapter 279 Don't Press On Me

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"You too."

She nodded.

She would be very happy, but she also hoped that Nathan would be happy. In fact, he was a good man. If a girl married him, she would not be wronged. Every girl liked sweet men.

Everything that had happened in the past vanished with the arrival of this little life.

She put her hand on her belly. It was time for her to say goodbye to the past and start a new life...

In the evening, when she got home, Lily sat down on the sofa angrily. "Where is Jack?"

'This bad man doesn't come back. He works overtime every day. I really don't understand why he, a big boss, works overtime all day long!'

Henry stood aside and said respectfully, "Mr. Jack said he would come back later. Mrs. Lily, you can go to bed first."

'Why didn't Mr. Jack tell her himself? Oh, my God, does he want him to be scolded on purpose?'

"Tell him not to come back today!"

She stood up and went upstairs angrily.

Her excitement was gone.

She really wanted to tell this to him

here was also a trace of coldness.

Except for Jack, who else could be so handsome that everyone was indignant?

"What are you doing? You scared me!"

If it weren't for her good heart, she would have been unconscious.

Who could stand it such a sudden scare?

Jack raised his eyebrows, "Didn't you ask me not to come back?"

His words were full of provocation.

The implication was that you didn't keep your promise.

She was really pissed off by him. She stretched out her hands and struggled. This man was really annoying.

"What's wrong, honey?"

Seeing her struggling, Jack asked innocently.

"Nothing. Get up quickly. Don't press on me!"

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