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   Chapter 156 An Arrogant Princess

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William shook off his sister's hand and said apologetically.

"I'm sorry. My sister is willful and impolite."

He lowered his head slightly, full of guilt, and glared at Annie with his black eyes.

"Come and apologize to your sister-in-law!"

Lily was a little moved by his harsh rebuke. After all, in the Nan family, except for Jack, he was the first person to protect her.

Annie widened her eyes in disbelief.

Her eldest brother, a gentle man who had never been angry, was now scolding her because of an outsider.

Her eldest brother had always been nice to her and never got angry with her. But now he stared at her for an outsider and asked her to apologize to her.

Was he crazy?

Were both William and Jack crazy?

"You are just a tramp. What on earth have you done to William and Jack?"

Annie pointed at the tip of her nose, her beautiful eyes were full of anger.

Lily was helpless. She had thought Annie was capable, but she was just naive.

She thought that Annie was a scheming girl and was a little worried, but she didn't ex

ngry. Don't be angry. Anger only makes you get older. '

But she was still very aggrieved. She turned to look at the man who was a little far away from her. He was still concentrating on talking, as if he did not notice what had happened here.

Feeling a little disappointed, she lowered her head and drank unhappily.

"Lily, don't let Nia affect your relationship with Jack. Otherwise, our Nan family will be guilty."

Sitting next to her, she said apologetically. Of course, no one could see a flash of light in his deep black eyes.

She shook her head and forced a smile. Since he had said that, she would seem too narrow-minded if she didn't let it go.

Suddenly, something occurred to her.

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