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   Chapter 147 Meeting His Family

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A sneer appeared on Lily's face.

How could the daughter of the Nan clan be so ill bred? She doubted if this girl was the younger sister of Jack.

Although they all looked imposing, they had different qualities. It was really embarrassing.

"Jack, look. This woman is staring at me! "

Seeing that Annie didn't give up, Jack was a little annoyed. His face changed slightly, and he was not as cold and impatient as just now.

"She is your sister-in-law. Don't be rude."

Annie didn't expect that her brother would protect this woman, and her beautiful eyes were full of tears.

"Jack, how could you blame me for this woman? I... I'm going to tell Grandpa..."

She covered her face and ran away crying.

Looking at her receding figure, Lily shook her head helplessly. It was not good to spoil children.

"She is spoiled. Don't take it to heart."

Hugging her in his arms, Jack comforted her in a soft voice.

As soon as he entered Nan's Residence, she was embarrassed, which made him ve

ura at all.

Her eyes seemed to be full of frost and dirt, but they were exceptionally sharp. When she looked into his eyes, she couldn't help trembling in the arms of Jack.

He must be Mr. Albert of the Nan clan, Jack's grandfather.

"Hello, Grandpa."

She was smiling all the time.


The old man didn't care much about her greeting. He just replied gently and then looked at his grandson.

"You haven't been back for a long time, Jack."

The old man looked at him with tenderness in his eyes. Sure enough, she was just an outsider.

"Grandpa, I took Lily to visit you last time, but Roy said that you went out with William, so we went back."

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