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   Chapter 144 It's A Crime For A Man To Be So Good-looking

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3362

Updated: 2020-07-16 00:12

'A man is so good-looking. What a pity!'

The man's face was so handsome that it made her extremely envious. She suddenly felt it was unfair. How could he so handsome while she was so ordinary?

Before she knew him, she had thought that Nathan was the most handsome man she had ever seen. But after she knew him, she found that he was even more handsome.

However, the temperament of these two people was quite different. Nathan was an angel, while the exile was Shura.

How lucky she was to know the two most handsome men in the world.


Looking at her anthomaniac look, Jack said lightly.

He always hated women's anthomaniac eyes, because it made him feel as if he was a rare species.

But it felt good to be watched by this woman.

If it weren't for the lack of time, he might not have let her come to herself.

Upon hearing his reminder, she wiped her mouth subconsciously, but found nothing.

'Damn it!

He fooled me!'

She glared at him and asked crossly, "what ar

g in his arms, she gasped for air.

She frowned and kept thinking.

'Lily, why are you so spineless? You are always obsessed with his charm. You are really hopeless.'

"What's wrong? Didn't I satisfy you?"

Looking at her sad face, Jack picked up her little face and joked.

She shook her head. 'Satisfy?

Impossible. She couldn't say that she was obsessed with his charm. She wouldn't admit it.'

"Why did you kiss me again?"

She pointed at the face that made her lose her mind and asked with dissatisfaction.

It was all this face's fault!

"The color of your lipstick doesn't look good. It's troublesome to wipe it off, so I have to eat it up."

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