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   Chapter 137 Why Are You So Desperate

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Hearing this, Jack was stunned. Thinking of her petite body, he felt sorry for her.

Why was she so desperate?

As if hearing the sound of ice melting, his cold black eyes became soft.

Looking at the change of his expression, Shawn couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

There is always someone in the world who deserves all your tenderness.

Perhaps, even Mr. Jack didn't realize that he rarely mentioned Mrs. Lily, but every time he talked about her, his eyes were full of tenderness, which Shawn had never seen before.

"How is she now?"

Thinking of what he had done just now, Jack could not help but feel a little regretful.

This girl was so weak, but he kept asking for her, which was too irrational.

No wonder she looked a little pale today. It was all his fault for his carelessness and not caring about her health.

"The doctor said that Mrs. Lily needs a good rest."

Shawn answered honestly.


Jack nodded. It was good for her to have a rest for a period of time and then he could take her back to the Nan family to get married.

"Mr. Jack, this attack..."


ou would find that Mr. Jack had countless scars on his body.

And these scars might also be the pain in his heart. When his peers were still playing, he went abroad alone to study.

When his peers were studying, he had become a big shot in the business world.

He always missed the best time in his life. In Jack's mind, it was the most relaxing time when he was recuperating in the hospital.

But he would never wait for his wound to completely recover and then leave the hospital. Instead, he would leave the hospital early.

"Move that girl's bed here. I have to take care of her myself."

The corners of Jack's mouth lifted. It was rare for him to have a rest in the hospital, so he must stay with this woman all the time.

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