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   Chapter 136 Why Is He Angry

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3404

Updated: 2020-07-12 00:12

"You, stay away from me."

She quickly got out of bed and sat on the sofa beside the bed. It was safer to stay away from him.

Looking at her fleeing figure, Jack felt a little helpless. Was she so afraid of him?

She leaned against the side and said in a gentle and indifferent voice.

"I have seen it before. Don't panic."

"I really admire you. Can't you behave yourself as you are injured?"

He leaned against the bed, slightly closed his eyes, as if he was resting. His face was much colder than before.

'He is angry?'

Looking at his calm face, she was confused.

'Just because he failed?

He was spoiled! He's so arrogant!'

There was dead silence in the room.

"Come here."

After a long while, the man's low voice came. She raised her head and looked at him. "Why?"

She walked over reluctantly.

As expected, she was pulled into his arms again, instantly wrapped in the smell of hormones.

And she, with her hands around the man's neck, looked into the black eyes in front of he

n't have believed that he had been seriously injured.

But she felt a little happy that he finally woke up.

When Shawn saw Lily running away in a hurry, his eyes were full of doubts. He walked into the ward and saw that Jack was leaning against the head of the bed, with his hands on his chest, closing his eyes for rest.

"Mr. Jack."

The man on the bed slightly opened his black eyes. He was completely different from what he was when he just woken up. He was cold as usual.

Shawn paused, thought for a moment and continued.

"This time, Mrs. Lily has helped you a lot. She transfused blood for you. She fainted two times and slept for two days and two nights."

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