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   Chapter 135 Feeling Threatened

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Thinking of this, she was very unhappy and regretted saving this heartless man.

The man chuckled, "really?"

The little girl in front of him was so cute. If he hadn't been injured, he would have held her in his arms.

Looking at her angry face, Jack felt very happy. He suddenly felt that this injury was not a bad thing.

Standing aside, Shawn and Henry were stuffed by the sudden public display of affection between the two. They probably didn't need to eat anything today.

They smiled awkwardly and walked away.

There were only Jack and Lily left in the room. The sudden silence made her a little uneasy.

"I... I'll go out for a while. "

She stood up and suddenly looked a little flustered.

Why did she feel that he didn't seem to be sick? His face was very pale just now, but now it was particularly glorious. His black eyes were as sharp as usual, and he was looking at her as if she were his prey, which made her a little scared.


When she was abo


"Mrs. Nan, what can you do for me?"

This girl's idea was a little naive. Would he let a woman help him?

"Is it because someone in your family bullied you and you want me to take the blame?"

She rolled her eyes at him and struggled to get rid of his arms.

This man was always touching her. She was very dissatisfied. She was unhappy!

"Oh? Except you, who else in the Nan clan dares to bully me?"

His slender fingers lifted her delicate chin, and his handsome face leaned over to her lips, exhaling hot air.

His unique breath made her face blush and look more exquisite.

Although she wasn't stunning, she was very attractive.

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