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   Chapter 131 Mrs. Lily, Calm Down

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3135

Updated: 2020-07-10 00:02

"Mrs. Lily, calm down."

Henry held her hands to prevent an accident.

She couldn't help sobbing and trembling.

Her right eyelid twitched for the whole afternoon, and she knew that something bad would happen.

Unexpectedly, she was told that Jack was seriously injured at night.

"Why didn't he tell me? Why didn't he tell me that he had left? What did he mean? Why do you meet me? His matter has nothing to do with me. I don't want to see him! "

She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

This jerk left without telling her. She would never see him again!

"Mrs. Lily, Mr. Jack has lost a lot of blood. He needs your help."

Seeing her like this, Shawn also felt sad. He should be blamed for Jack's injury.

"Why was he injured?"

After a long while, she raised her tearful face and asked in a trembling voice.

How could a cautious man like him get injured?

"He got shot."

Upon hearing that, she almost f

tood behind her and looked at the nurse coldly.

The nurse, of course, knew who the man in front of her was. She was so scared that her legs became weak and kept apologizing.

"Take me to see him!"

She had only one thought in her mind now, and that was to see him.

"Okay, okay, Mrs. Lily. I'll take you there now."

Henry said.

Looking at the tall and short figures in front of him, Shawn was a little relieved.

Mr. Jack, if you wake up now, you will know how anxious Mrs. Lily is. Perhaps this kind of anxiety can't be described in words afterwards.

But she was the most sincere girl he had ever seen.

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