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   Chapter 130 He Was Injured. How Could It Be Possible

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Updated: 2020-07-09 00:12

'Could you please not disturb me watching the play?'

Lily complained in dissatisfaction. Although she didn't say anything, her expression betrayed her.

"All right."

Nathan had no choice but to go away.

After a while, a black figure came in through the window in the darkness.

Lily, who was immersed in the Korean drama with headphones, didn't notice it at all. Fascinated by the plot, she kept smiling.

"Mrs. Lily, I'm sorry."

A low voice sounded, and the man raised his hand and hacked at the back of Lily's head.


Lily rubbed the back of her head and felt a sharp pain.

'Damn it! Who attacked me again?

Why did they always hit the back of my head?

Why was I always knocked unconscious?

It seemed that I should buy an insurance to protect the back side of my head!'

Lily slowly opened her eyes and suddenly sat up the next second.

'That's not right, where am I? Whose car was this?'

"Mrs. Lily."

A familiar voice came. Turning around, Lily saw Henry sitting respectfull

d feeling.

She covered her beating heart and asked with uncertainty, "What did you say?"

"Mr. Jack was seriously injured."

The man repeated.

Somehow, Lily couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

"How could it be possible? You must be lying to me. Didn't that bad guy stay at home? Why did he get seriously injured all of a sudden? "

She said softly, tears filling her eyes.

He was fine a few days ago. Why did he suddenly get seriously injured?

No, he must be lying to her!

"I don't believe it. I want to see him!"

She suddenly opened the door and wanted to rush out.

Henry quickly pulled back her who had nearly collapsed, and closed the door again.

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