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   Chapter 110 How Can You Bully Me

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3405

Updated: 2020-06-29 00:12

That's outrageous!

It seemed as if she had done something wrong. He used her parents to threaten her. How could he be angry with her now?

She swore to herself that she would never talk to this man again!

"What would you like to eat?"

The man's indifferent voice came through, but she pretended not to hear it and continued to swipe the screen of her mobile phone.

It was better to play with the phone than to talk to him.


Jack turned around and saw her watching the video with a smile. He asked again patiently.

However, she didn't respond to him. Instead, she continued to play with her phone.


The man raised his voice. His black eyes were full of gloom and danger.

This woman was so old that she dared to ignore his words?

He grabbed her phone and threw it on the back seat.

All of a sudden, her hands were empty. She became angry from embarrassment and stared at him.

"What are you doing? Give it back to me!"

"That's what I want to ask you."

Blue veins st


Keep silent?

She won't speak first. See who can't stand it!'

Clenching her fists, she walked towards another door.

Jack sat on the sofa, his long legs elegantly folded, and his eyes were as dark as ink.

A cigarette appeared between his slender fingers, and the blue flame of the lighter rushed into his black eyes, as deep as a sea.

The ceiling above his head was inlaid with a circle of light, and the light and shadow fell on him, making him incomparably noble.

There was a touch of anger on his perfect face, and his dashing eyebrows were especially sharp.

The well tailored suit perfectly matched his perfect body. He was smoking, quiet and weird.

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