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   Chapter 109 What A Crafty Man

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3379

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She didn't expect her father to threaten her.

She turned around and stared at the chief culprit.

As he won, Jack looked at them with a smile.

Damn it! What a crafty man!

He must have planned it. How vicious he was!

"I see," she replied unhappily.

The smile on his face became deeper and deeper. She really wanted to sew his mouth.

"Let's go. Why are you standing there?"

When she passed by him, she said angrily.

Jack didn't seem to be angry. He just chuckled.

She was still young. He didn't have to take it to heart. She would be better in the future.

"Lily, don't be childish."

Sure enough, the mother-in-law was on the side of her son-in-law. Seeing that her daughter bullied him, Mrs. Lv dissuaded her.

My God?

Her parents were teaching her a lesson, which drove her crazy.

No one helped her. Why was she so helpless? Was she her biological daughter?

Jack was to blame. It was all his fault. He forced her. He would be happy only when she had no way back, would

hen turned her face.

No, she would never forgive him if he didn't apologize to her.

Sometimes women were just so strange. Even if a man did not do anything wrong, they would still ask for an apology.

Of course, she was no exception. In fact, she didn't know what wrong things he had done. She couldn't tell the reason, but just wanted an apology.

Jack fixed his eyes on the front, which made her a little flustered.

She had never seen him drive so carefully before. As long as he was serious, something bad would happen.

'Humph! Fine, just keep silent. I don't want to talk to him.'

She kept muttering in her heart, but the man did not respond at all.

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