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   Chapter 106 She Was Quite Tough, Not Bad

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This girl was quite tough, good. She is very suitable to be Mrs. Nan.

Seeing the man's smile, Mr. Lv couldn't help but worry about his daughter.

"All right, all right. I'll go get it."

Mrs. Lv felt sorry for her daughter and picked up the glass.

"I'll go!"

How could she let her mother get water for this bad man!

Lily glared at Jack and gnashed her teeth with hatred.

"It's all your fault. Your daughter is spoiled now."

Seeing his daughter's stubborn back, Mr. Lv looked at his wife and complained.

After all, it was Mr. Nan who was sitting here.

"Oh, stop talking. I'm going to cook. Mr. Jack, please wait for a while. I'm going to cook. Let's have dinner here later."

Mrs. Lv said with a smile. She liked this young man very much.

"Uncle, aunt, just call me Jack. It's too inappropriate to call me Mr. Jack."

When Lily came out of the kitchen with a glass of water in her hand, she heard the words. Her hand trembled and she almost spilled the water out of the glass.

What did she hear?


He sounded like a

ghter to marry the man?'

"Lily, it's your blessing to marry into the Nan family. Why are you so thoughtless?"

Mrs. Lv walked over and said in a reproachful tone.

"But I..."

But she didn't want to get married!

Thinking of this, she felt wronged and shed tears.

Why didn't her parents help her at this time? Was she their biological daughter?

Seeing her crying, Jack frowned unhappily.

Was marrying him a pitiful thing?

But her tears still made his heart ache. He raised his hand and gently wiped the tears off her face with his finger pulp.

"Am I not good to you? Why don't you want to marry me? I don't think your refusal to marry me was because I made you angry just now. Right? "

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