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   Chapter 102 Unreasonable

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Updated: 2020-06-25 00:12

Damn it! How could you be so unreasonable?

It was unbearable!

"What do you mean when you said I drove Dr. Hu away? Are you blind? How did she treat me before? Can't you see? Then I advise you to take good care of your eyes and not to talk nonsense here! "

Lily took a step forward, because she was a head taller than Amy, she could easily look down upon Amy.


Exasperated, Amy stepped forward and grabbed Lily by the collar.

"I knew it. You must be playing tricks again. Shame on you! How dare you seduce one after another! You will never get enough, will you? Bitch! "


The crisp slap made Lily feel very comfortable. There was nothing more interesting than slapping a bitch.

"I slapped you on behalf of your parents. You will get hurt if you can't keep your mouth clean!"

Lily stared at the woman who was covering the face and sneered.

Perhaps it was because of the influence of Jack, she habitually sneered when she encountered such provocation.

"You bitch! Go to hell!

d to kill this stupid man.

The president didn't know what to say. The two woman were diametrically opposed. He couldn't get in the conversation, so he could only stand there awkwardly.

"And you! Suzy deserves what she has done. It has nothing to do with Lily. Don't you know what you have done in the corridor? "

He pointed at the woman who fell to the ground and said angrily.

Amy trembled with fear and dared not speak.

"I warn you, who dares to bully Lily in the future? Don't blame me for being cruel."

It was the first time that Nathan had been so angry.

The people around had already been stunned. The usually gentleman now roared like a furious lion.

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