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   Chapter 97 She Doesn't Believe Him

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What an irascible man! Can't he talk nicely?'

She rolled her eyes at him and turned her head away.

"So early today?"

He didn't seem to feel her anger, and still looked indifferent.


"Where are you taking me to?"

She asked subconsciously when she found his car was not heading for northern suburbs.

'Well. Doesn't she believe him?'

Jack turned around and glanced at her with obvious disdain in his eyes.

"Are you sure you want to go to Nan's Residence in such clothes?"

He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Upon hearing this, she looked down at her plain white shirt, jeans and white shoes.

It seemed it was not good. After all, the Nan clan was a big and famous clan. This time, her identity was the fiancee of the third son of the Nan clan.


"Just go with me."

Jack interrupted her coldly and stopped the car in front of a fashion salon.

She used to come here with her best friend, but they could only look at it from a distance. After all, they

magazine leisurely.


The girl's clear voice came through. He slowly raised his eyes and met her bright eyes.

A hint of amazement flashed through his usual cold eyes.

"Are you done?"

He stood up and walked to her side. He touched her face with his hand and said gently, "You're so beautiful."

Inevitably, his praise made her blush. She pushed his hand away and said, "Come on, let's go."

In the eyes of others, this scene was just a flirtation between young couples.

It seems that Mr. Jack and Mrs. Nan love each other very much.

After a long time, the car drove into a quiet bamboo forest.

Rich people like to live in this kind of place?

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