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   Chapter 94 Mysterious Man

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Updated: 2020-06-21 00:12

"What do you think?"

Looking at her deer like eyes, Jack wanted to tease her again. He suddenly approached her and pinched her fair face.

What should she say? She didn't know what the man in front of her wanted to do.

Lily felt so miserable, not only being imprisoned but also being teased.

"As Mrs. Nan, if you go back with me, no one will make troubles for you in the future."

"Just pretending?"

She guessed that the man in front of her must have been urged to marry by his family. Otherwise, why did he take her home in such a hurry?

"You can put it in this way."

Rubbing his slightly stubbled chin, Jack squinted.

Lily would eventually be his wife. He didn't want to be in such a hurry.

"That would be fine."

According to him, after she went back with him, she would not be in any danger and could not be imprisoned in this big house.

Lily could think about that considering the given condition.

"Oh my God! I'm completely late this time. You... Can you help me? "

Lily looked at the time with her eyelids drooping.

sed and faltered.

"Lily, I have something to tell you."

Nathan said in a low voice, and there was something in his words... blue?

He went straight to the sofa and sat on it, looking at her with a complicated expression.

He couldn't calm himself down at all since Lily was taken away yesterday.

After returning home, he couldn't fall asleep all night, so he had to give up sleeping. He turned on the computer and input the word "Jack", gnashing his teeth.

"Mr. Jack of the Nan clan..."

"The heir of the Nan clan..."

"Mysterious man..." ...

There was not much information about him on the Internet, but only a few words.

But there was one thing that broke into Nathan's eyes.

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