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   Chapter 53 What Do You Want To Do

Steal A Stony Heart By Call Me Cutie Characters: 3272

Updated: 2020-06-01 00:02

"What are you doing?"

She couldn't help stepping back, but he was getting closer and closer, dangerous and elegant.

Looking at the enlarged handsome face, Lily only thought of one word: abstinence.

This kind of abstinence was like "in store", which would make people fall.

"What do you think? Mrs. Nan."

Her eyes were wide open in horror, and the man on her body tore her clothes like a devil.

"Let go of me, you rogue."

She struggled desperately to avoid his claws.

However, Jack was unmoved. He tightly sealed her lips and all the words in her mouth.

She was more lovely when she was quiet.

The strong aura made her tremble. Seeing that the buttons on her body were unbuttoned one by one, she couldn't help crying.

Hot tears streamed down her rosy cheeks into her hair, and then fell on the back of the man's hand.

Jack's hands stopped. Her tearful eyes touched the softest part in his heart.

"You bastard, you always bully me."

She stret

d such things. Do you understand what I mean?"

Every word seemed to be squeezed out of her teeth. She glared at the man in front of her.

"You must marry me!"

The man's eyes became sharper, as if he could peel off the person before him, and the coldness became deeper.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She had never been threatened like this before. She bit her lips, and her smiling face turned pale.

"Jack, you may kill me. I will never marry someone like you!"

What a joke! He threatened her all day long before they got married. If she really married him, she would be bullied every day.

She pushed him away and ran out crying.

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