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   Chapter 30 Nice To Meet You

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How could she think of that bastard?

Humph! Lily finally escaped from that tyrant's claws. She was finally free, but why was she always a little disappointed?

Lowering her eyes, Lily was not interested in the speech on the stage at all. She just ate the dessert in her hand.

She was shuttling through the crowd, and the gaze on the stage was also moving with the purple figure, but Lily did not notice it at all.


After a long time, Nathan came to her and stopped. He looked at the face in front of him, which he missed day and night, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

Sure enough, the girl had changed a lot. She was more beautiful than before, cute and charming.

Hearing the sound, Lily immediately raised her head from a pile of food and bumped into Nathan's gaze.

"Nathan, long time no see."

Lily raised her hand and greeted him with a beautiful smile.

Nathan raised his glass, and so did Lily.


"Lily, will you stay in this hospital in the future?"

"Yes. What's wrong?"

"That would be great. I'll be here too. I hope you will help me in work."

"Of course."

In the villa.

There was a dead silence. Henry stood aside and looked very serious.

"Mr. Jack, let's give her some time. Mrs. Nan will be back soon."

Looking at his boss, Henry didn't know what to do. He could only pray in his heart, hoping that Lily could answer the phone as soon as possible.

While playing with his mobile phone, Jack tapped gently on the table with his slender fingers, there was an indifferent expression on his face.

This girl was quite bold now. It was ten o'clock in the evening, but she still didn't show up

and didn't answer the phone. It seemed that he had to teach her a lesson.

"Mr. Jack, how about going to the hospital?"

Henry asked tentatively. He didn't dare to say much at this time.

Jack stood up and walked out with the car key. It seemed that he had to bring the little girl back himself.

"Mr. Jack, let me drive."

After a while, a dazzling limited edition sports car stopped in front of the hospital. Then, Jack asked Henry to call the president.

"Oh, Mr. Nan. We are in the reporting hall now. I'm going to pick you up."

The president picked up the phone and saw it was from Mr. Nan. He was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly ran out to pick Jack up. Mr. Nan was not someone he could casually neglect, not to mention that his fiancée was still here.

"What's so special today?"

Henry asked in confusion.

"Here is the thing. A student who studied abroad came to our hospital today. He is very famous abroad, so we held a party to welcome him."

The president explained hurriedly.

"Where is she?"

When they arrived at the hall, Jack was looking for the figure. The president immediately understood what Jack meant and quickly pointed to the direction of Lily.

"Why are you wearing so little?"

While Lily was chatting happily with Nathan, she suddenly felt a coat on her. Perhaps it was her hallucination, she heard that bastard's voice.


She pushed down the coat and continued to chat.

Jack's face instantly darkened. Henry stood aside and sweated. This woman was the most courageous one he had ever seen. She was the first one who could make Mr. Jack so angry.

"Lily, who is this?"

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