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   Chapter 29 That Bastard

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Gritting her teeth, Lily had no choice but to agree. Since the president trusted her so much, it meant that he was sure of her strength.

At night, inside the report hall.

Lily was wearing a lilac dress, which accentuated her curvaceous figure. She looked noble and elegant. The light makeup on her face made her look more charming.

She stood aside and listened to the president quietly.

She didn't know why the president asked her to come, she didn't say a word from beginning till now. She just looked at the stage in the middle blankly.

"Now, please welcome Dr. Nathan to come up to the stage and have a few words."

Finally, they came back to the real business. Lily shook her head helplessly, but the next second, she seemed to remember something.

Nathan? The Nathan in the university?

Lily shook her head and thought, 'It's unlikely. Nathan is so excellent. How could he come back to be a doctor? He will definitely choose to develop abroad.'

"Wow, Lily, that doctor is so handsome. I heard that he came back from abroad. He is very famous abroad."

A nurse beside her grabbed Lily's arm with admiration in her eyes.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Nathan. Nice to meet you."

Nathan stood on the stage with a gentle smile on his handsome face. His features were more outstanding under the light, like the prince charming in the fairy tale, making everyone feel very comfortable.

What about her? Nathan glanced at the group of people in front of the stage and finally fixed his eyes on the purple dress. The corners of his mouth curled up. Long time no see, little girl!

Feeling the gaze from others, Lily looked up and the familiar face gradually became clear in he

r mind.

In the library, the boy was wearing a clean white shirt, his chestnut hair shining in the sun, and his side face was very handsome.

Lily couldn't help but look stupid. She stared blankly at the boy in front of her. Oh my God, isn't this the Prince Charming in her dream?

"Hey, can I sit here?"

Lily stood in front of the boy, blushing.

The boy raised his head and smiled, as warm as the sun in spring. He nodded and moved towards the window.

Oh, my God! This might be love. Covering her thumping chest, Lily secretly glanced at the side face of the boy beside her.

As time went by, they gradually became familiar with each other. Perhaps, the secret love started from asking questions.

Lily felt that there were a lot of questions that she didn't understand every day. In fact, it was not until now that she realized that she didn't want to ask questions. She just wanted to talk to him a little more.

The face in her mind gradually overlapped the face on the stage. Lily couldn't help smiling. Time passed so fast. In the blink of an eye, they hadn't seen each other for four years.

"Oh my God! Lily, his voice is so sweet. I think I'm in love. "

The nurse murmured. How she wished she could rush onto the stage and kiss him.

That's right, anyone would say that they were in love with him. And what did his voice sound like?

Perhaps, it was just like the beginning of the winter, refreshing.

Nathan, the name was so dazzling in her college days.

Every girl had a prince charming in her heart, and Nathan was Lily's prince charming in college.

And now?

The cold face of Jack suddenly appeared in her mind, and she was shocked by herself.

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