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   Chapter 23 Be Good

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"If you want to leave, be obedient and don't try to escape again."

Jack said coldly, as if he was not the same person as before, and his words were full of warning.

Then he walked towards the study.

He didn't worry that Lily would run away. After all, he was watching her every move. Besides, it was not as simple as she thought to run out of the villa.

When Lily came to her senses, Jack had already closed the door of the study.

Was there something wrong with this man?

Was it interesting to torture her like this?

Feeling the unprecedented humiliation, Lily sat down on the sofa, picked up a pillow and put it on her legs. She raised her little fist and thumped it hard, as if what she saw was the handsome face of Jack.

"You bad man, you brought me here."

"I shouldn't have been so gentle in the hospital. I should have pressed your wound hard."

"When I go out, I will never see you again."


In the study, Jack looked at the little woman on the big screen. Her beautiful little face constantly changed, sometimes giggling, and sometimes angry.

The man couldn't help smiling.

It seemed to be a good idea to bring her back. She could make him happy. She was more like a funny clown than a good wife for him.

His cold eyes softened.

Five days later, on a sunny morning, Lily opened her eyes.

She looked at the ceiling, picked up her phone and checked the time. It was only eight o'clock. She went to bed again.

In the past five days, Lily had been living a decadent life without any restriction of working hours. As for her, she liked to sleep in, and she slept till nine o'clock every day.

Jack had asked Lily to take care of him, but when she got up, he had already prep

ared breakfast.

Lily was also obedient. Although she had argued with this man these days, the frequency was obviously much less.

After getting along with him for a few days, she inexplicably felt that this man was not as terrible as she thought. If she hadn't seen the bloody scene that night, it would be difficult to connect him with a murderer.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Jack opened the door and knocked on the door frame. Looking at the woman wrapped like a silk cocoon on the bed, he shook his head helplessly. He regretted not letting this little woman sleep with him, or she would not get up so late every day.

By this time, Lily had fallen asleep again. She didn't hear any knock on the door, nor did she know that the door of the bedroom was opened.

Jack walked to the bedside and looked at a small hand that was exposed beside the pillow. His black eyes blinked and the corners of his mouth raised playfully. The next second, he pressed himself down.

"Ah, it's so heavy."

Feeling the weight on her body, Lily couldn't help frowning and muttering discontentedly.

It was so heavy that she couldn't breathe. She had to push it hard with her eyes closed.

Lily was forced to open her eyes and wanted to know what was on her body.


She stretched out the quilt to have a look, but was startled by the magnified handsome face. Her brain went blank in an instant, leaving only screams.

Jack didn't stop her and let her shout.

Lily quickly withdrew her head back into the quilt. Oh my God! When did this man come in? Why didn't she realize it at all? Oh my God! She was a fan of naked sleep. Looking at her naked body, she cried in her heart. Fortunately, he didn't lift the quilt.

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