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   Chapter 22 That's The Condition, Understand

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She didn't feel the expected pain, nor did he slap her. Instead, the door behind her was closed.

Lily opened her eyes and stared at him in surprise. Jack was kind of a man, or he wouldn't let her go.

She was about to say something, but her chin was lifted up the next second.

Jack's slender fingers stroked her delicate chin. The delicate touch made him feel good. This woman's skin was so good. He lowered his head and looked at her clear and angry eyes.

Lily was forced to look into his eyes. The face in front of her was so handsome that even she envied it. How could there be such a delicate face in the world.

"Have you seen enough?"

His thin lips opened slightly, and there was a little banter in his cold voice. Looking at the little woman in front of him who was fascinated by himself, Jack was somewhat happy.

Upon hearing this, Lily blushed and quickly looked away.

She was laughed by this man!

She tried to hide the panic in her heart, but the blush on her face was getting thicker and thicker.


A chuckle came to her ears. Jack buried his face in her neck. The warm breath fell on her skin, reminding her of what happened that night, and her face turned even redder.

"You, you stay away from me."

Lily was afraid that if she continued to argue with this man, he might do something bad to her.

She couldn't help trembling.

"Are you afraid?"

Jack asked lowly, there was no emotion in his voice.

"What? How could it be possible? I'm not afraid of anything. A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. I will not be afraid."

Lily said sternly. In fact, she was scared to d


She kept muttering in her heart, 'Please, please let me go!'

"Do you want to go back to work?"

Jack raised his head from her neck and looked at her without any expression in his eyes. His forehead against hers.

Upon hearing this, Lily's eyes lit up and she nodded her head repeatedly. "Yes! Of course! For sure! I knew you wouldn't stop me."

"But it is conditional for you."

"What condition?"

No matter what, as long as she could leave here and go back to work, Lily would do anything!

The expectant eyes of the little woman in front of him aroused Jack's desire to tease her. He suddenly wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

When Lily came to her senses, she was already in the man's arms and couldn't move.

"You, you let me go."

This man was so strong that no matter how she struggled, she still had nowhere to escape.

"That's the condition."

Jack's warm palm wandered on her back, he could feel the hot temperature through the thin clothes.

His thin lips were raised, and there was an imperceptible joy in his eyes. He was very satisfied with the little woman's body.

Lily seemed to understand what he meant, "No, I can't!"

She struggled desperately, afraid that she would be eaten alive in the next second.

"It was an accident that night, and it was also a mistake. We can't do it again!"

Lily was so anxious that she almost burst into tears. At this moment, she was really scared. If this man forced her, she seemed to have no ability to resist!

Soon, Jack felt the resistance of the little woman in his arms, and slowly let go of her, with an unreachable indifference in his eyes.

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