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   Chapter 21 Being Found

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Leaning against the sofa, Jack closed his eyes which were as bright as dark diamonds. His right hand was casually put aside, his figure was emitting a classy aura, and his face was a little tired.

Looking at the man in front of her, Lily couldn't help but sigh at the exceedingly beautiful appearance of this murderer. Nowadays, even a murderer was so handsome.

After a while, she found that there was no movement from Jack. Lily slowly moved forward, stood on tiptoe and sat down on the sofa beside him.


Looking at the man who seemed to be asleep, Lily felt a little helpless and lowered her head. Oh, my God, was she really going to stay in this house?

However, what about her work? She was about to become a regular worker, but she met this man.

Was God jealous of her beauty?

Lily looked at the sleeping man and thought, 'What am I waiting for? It's the best time to run.'

Nothing could stop her escape plan!

Holding the sofa, Lily slowly stood up and crept towards the door. She didn't dare to make a sound, fearing that she would wake up the sleeping prince on the sofa.

The door was right in front of her!

As if she had seen a new world, Lily quickened her pace.

"Where are you going?"

Just as she was about to rush out, a cold voice came from behind, making her tremble with fear.

Lily turned around and scratched her hair. Her words faltered with nervousness.

"I... I... I want to... Go to the toilet, yes, go to the toilet. "

She looked around. She had a bad habit since childhood. She didn't dare to look into others' eyes when she lied, so others could easily c

atch her red-handed.


With a gleam shining in his black eyes, Jack slowly stood up and stared at her face. 'This woman has learned to lie?

It seemed that he had to teach her that lying was not a good thing.'

In fact, he didn't fall asleep. When Lily sat beside him, he had already noticed that. If she paid a little attention, she would find that Jack's eyes were half closed.

He didn't expect that Lily would be so bold to try to escape under his nose. He had never met such a person who was not afraid of him.

Grabbing the corner of her clothes, Lily swallowed nervously.

'Oh my God! He found me! Is he going to kill me?'

'I'm still young. How could I die so early? No one will find me if I die here. I'm doomed, ' Lily prayed inside.

Feeling that the man's oppressive aura was approaching, Lily clenched her fists and raised her little face, facing the cold black eyes of Jack.

"I'm telling you, it's useless for you to kill me. You can't get any benefit from me. Anyway, now I'm here with you. I... I... I can't resist anymore. Anyway, I still think it's a pity that such a lovely girl like me died so young. Besides, I really wanted to go to the bathroom just now. You didn't believe me first and you couldn't blame me for that. "

Lily didn't know what she was talking about.

Jack looked at her with amusement. He didn't expect that this woman's thoughts were so chaotic. It seemed that she had never lost in a quarrel under such a situation.

He raised his hand and went down. Seeing this, Lily closed her eyes subconsciously. Oh my God, this bastard was going to hit a woman!

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