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   Chapter 19 You Have To Be Responsible For Me, Mrs. Nan

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At the thought of this, Lily couldn't help but shiver. She turned around and looked at the man beside her. Jack's handsome face was still as cold as ice.

"Can I go out?"

Casting a glance at her, Jack curled his lips and said nothing.

The corners of Jack's mouth was fifteen degrees upward. Maybe there was a chance!

Lily had been observing him carefully all the time. When she saw the slight change of his face, her mouth was slightly open with expectations.

But the man's low voice made her give up struggling completely.


Then Jack walked forward without looking back.

The expression on Lily's face suddenly turned gloomy. Looking at the big villa in front of her, she was very depressed. Was this a kind of imprisonment? She looked around, a gust of cold wind blowing towards her.


She rubbed her nose and frowned. When she raised her head, she suddenly saw the tall figure of Jack leaning against the door, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, looking at her with interest.

"What are you looking at? I won't run away."

Lily pouted and frowned.

How did she offend this man? She had never done anything bad. Why was she imprisoned for no reason now!

"Come on in."

Not knowing when, Jack had already walked in front of her, held her waist and walked forward.

This little girl talked too much.

'What kind of freak is this man? He couldn't keep his hands to himself, ' she thought in trembles.

"Oh, let go of me. I can walk myself."

However, she looked up and down at him from the corner of her eyes. He was really handsome.

Why would he be a murderer with such an angelical face? What a pity.

"What's wrong?" Jack looked down and saw the woman beside him shaking her

head and sighing.

A low and oppressive voice came from above her head, and Lily quickly smiled flatteringly.

"No, no, everything is fine."

'A wise woman submitted to fate. I was the one who could take temporary setbacks. I could put up with it!' Lily thought.

"Okay." Jack nodded.

After entering the room, everything in the room was still so familiar, which inexplicably made her feel at ease.

"Well, how many days do I have to stay here?"

However, Lily felt flustered at the thought of staying with the "murderer" in the following days.

"Mrs. Nan, this is your home. You will stay here forever."

With a trace of exhaustion on his handsome face, Jack leaned lazily on the sofa.

A lot of things had happened these days. It seemed that he needed to have a good rest.

"I... I haven't agreed yet!"

Speaking of this, Lily was furious. What on earth did this man want to do? He didn't want her to leave, and he even wanted her to marry him. She had never seen such a strong man in her life.

"You have to be responsible for me."

Jack didn't get angry because of her rude attitude.

What? Be responsible for?

"Are you kidding me? It was me who suffered, not you!"

Lily was so angry that she almost jumped up. She clenched her fists and wished she could punch his handsome face hard.

"No matter what you say, you are my fiancee now."

Jack stood up and walked towards Lily step by step. A sense of oppression quickly came over her, which frightened her to step back.

"You... What are you doing? "

When she saw the imposing manner of Jack, the bloody scene that night suddenly came to her mind.

Her heart beat faster and her tone softened.

Jack lowered his head and raised her delicate chin.

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