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   Chapter 18 You Bastard

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After saying that, the president and director were still courteously saying goodbye to Jack.

Lily wanted to take the opportunity to leave.

But the next moment, a man's cold voice came from behind.

"Where do you want to go, Dr. Lv?"


With an innocent look on her face, Lily pointed upstairs and said, "I still have two patients..."

"What patients? I have arranged everything for you. The patients will be handed over to others. During this period of time, you will be transferred to the exclusive doctor of Mr. Nan and you will be responsible for taking care of him! "

"What?" Lily couldn't believe it, "Are you kidding, president?"

Let her take care of a "murderer"? That was pushing her into a fire pit!

When Lily turned around, she saw the light in the eyes of the "murderer".


What kind of light!

It was obvious that he was pleased to see her like this.

Lily was about to run away...

"Stop!" Jack had already been displeased. He asked someone to bring the little girl back directly and said in a tone that allowed no one to refuse.

Everyone looked at each other, confused.

Lily huddled herself up beside the car and struggled desperately.

"Get in the car. Don't let me say it a second time!" Jack's face turned livid, which was the sign of anger.

Upon hearing this, they all turned to look at Lily. Some of them were jealous, while some were gratified and envious. Only Lily had a mixed feelings in her heart, which was a wonderful scene.

"Doctor Lv, we are going to get married anyway, even if it is a pre-marital love test. You can learn how to be a good wife. "

His words shocked everyone!

Wife?! 'Lily?!

It seemed that the Jack's words were not joking at all. Oh my God, was Lily going to be Mrs. Nan?

The crowd whispered to each o

ther, and there was an ambiguous look in their eyes!

"You bastard!" Lily cursed in her heart.

"Just take her away." Jack didn't want to talk so much nonsense with Lily. He just wanted to knock her out and take her away directly.

"No, no..." There was a look of rejection on Lily's face. How could her colleagues stand aside and watch her fighting in public.

'Damn it! I'm going to be caught again! '.

"Mrs. Nan, I'm sorry to offend you!"

The man walked up to Lily and knocked her out with his bare hand. He brought Lily to Jack.

"Put her in." Jack took over Lily and put her in his arms. He touched her waist intentionally or unintentionally. It felt good.

Looking at the sleeping little woman, Jack suddenly felt that the world was much quieter. Women still could not talk too much.

"Drive to the separate dwelling."

The car was speeding and the woman in his arms was waking up.

"Ouch! Ouch! It hurts!"

As soon as Lily opened her eyes, she saw the enlarged face of Jack. There was full of horror on her face.

"Damn it! You kidnapper, I... I want to call the police! " Lily was crying with a sad face, full of grievances.

She lowered her head and found a pair of big hands on her waist.

"Get your hands off me! Bastard! " Without giving him a good look, Lily kept thinking about how to escape.

Soon, the car drove into a villa district. Lily took a look. She knew the place. Last time, she was brought here by Jack.

"This is my house. You have been here before." After saying that, Jack got out of the car.

"During this period of time, you will stay here to take care of my daily life. How is it, Mrs. Nan?" Said Jack affirmatively.

Lily was sure that if she dared to say no, Jack would definitely throw her to a desolate place and let her live on her own.

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