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   Chapter 15 The Arrival Of The Savior

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Suzy's voice was so sweet that she leaned against the director.

She seemed to be analyzing the problem, but in fact, she was splashing the dirty water on Lily.

Lily was so angry that her hands trembled. Regardless of where she was, she kept lecturing Suzy.

"What are you talking about, Miss Hu? Do you have any evidence? Did you see that I lost my temper on Mr. Jack? Are you responsible for what you said? "

Her chest rose and fell. Lily was almost pissed off by this stupid woman.

"I really couldn't find him... The address he left is fake. "

With a long sigh, Lily took a deep breath and said, "President, I will accept any punishment. Could you please not fire me?"

She seldom asked for help, but she knew that people had to bow their heads under the eaves.

"Lily, it's hard for me to do that. We can't afford to offend Mr. Nan. "

The president looked at her with a pitiful look. There seemed to be some hesitation in his eyes.

Lily was immersed in her own sorrow and couldn't extricate herself from it. She didn't hear the president calling her.

"Lily, what are you thinking about? The president is talking to you! "

Director's discerning voice pulled Lily back to reality from her fantasy.

"Alas, there would be no savior for me!"

Lily heaved a long sigh and thought, 'I don't care. The worst result is that I don't have a job anymore.'.

She was young and beautiful, smart and capable. Why couldn't she support herself!

"You are really hopeless! You can resign by yourself! "

The president pretended to be sad and shook his head at her, as if a head teacher had been helpless with a playful child in high school.

"President, you don't believe me anyway!"

Lily shrugged and looked sincere.


Lily, if what you said is true, I will kneel down with the president to apologize to you."

The one who spoke was the director, who had made a bet and even pulled the president of the hospital into it.

She didn't know when he found a chair. With his legs crossed, the director looked at Lily arrogantly.

"Oh, I heard that you are going to kneel down and apologize to my fiancée?"

A cold voice appeared behind everyone. The president looked like he had eaten shit and could not speak.

"Jack... Mr. Nan. When did you come back? "

Suzy smiled coquettishly and reached out her hand to the man.

"It's not too late. Just now this gentleman said... Huh... When he said that they are going to kneel down and apologize to my fiancée. "


Suzy seemed to be in a bad mood. Her hand stopped in the air, feeling very embarrassed.

"Didn't you tell them what happened? I just want you to take care of me in the future."

He said this to the little woman beside him.

In fact, Jack had been here for a long time. He had been outside the door since Lily told a lie. But he wanted to see how this woman would behave, so he didn't say anything.

Not bad, not letting him down.

"Mr. Nan, this... Lily didn't make it clear just now, and we... It's just a misunderstanding. Don't be angry. I'll arrange it right away. "

The president immediately left his seat and walked up to Lily.

"Lily, I did something wrong just now. Don't take it to heart. This... I didn't expect that what you said is true. You are broad-minded. Forgive me, and Mr. Nan... Please take good care of Mr. Nan. "

The president was really good at dealing with critical moments. When he heard that Lily was Jack's fiancée, his face immediately changed.

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