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   Chapter 14 Gloating

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Someone beside them gloated, "Yes, something has already happened."

Lily lowered her head all of a sudden.

If she had known the consequence of taking Jack out, she would rather not have a fight with Bonnie!

What's wrong with that man? He always disappeared and said he didn't kill anyone. Maybe... He was just an escaped prisoner!

"Why are you still standing here? Go out and look for him! Lily, listen to me! If Mr. Nan didn't come back tonight, you wouldn't have to come back! "

The president left angrily, and the others in the ward finally followed him.

Before leaving, Suzy sneered at her, "You deserved it."

Lily didn't have the time to argue with her, so she ran out in a hurry and searched all the way.

There was no one on the road. It was almost dark and it was cold outside.

Lily was wearing a thin sweater and a white coat. Seeing that it was getting late, she was so anxious that she was about to cry.

"Bastard, where have you been?"

The hospital's access time was by ten o'clock, and she would really lose her job if he didn't come back!

Lily was so anxious that she ran back to the hospital. The stairs were so quiet that she couldn't even see a ghost.

It was a message from the director, "Come to the meeting room!"

So... He must have made the decision to punish her.

Lily had no choice but to go back.

However, at the thought of the president's face, Lily was filled with rejection.

"Bastard! She thought Jack was a hero, but... I'm done. "

With full of grievances against Jack, Lily walked into the office with a sad face. The do

or was half closed. Lily, who was about to knock at the door, raised her hand again and again.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

"Director, I'm here."

While speaking, Lily looked around. The president and director were all there, and even Suzy, her deadly foe, had come. All of a sudden, she had a feeling of going to the court. Unfortunately, she was not Zhuge Liang, and it was impossible for her to be eloquent.

"Hello, the president and director. Are you looking for me? "

Standing in front of the two, Lily behaved like a little girl. As for Suzy, she didn't even take a look at her. Who the hell was she? Lily just ignored her.

"Where is he?"

The president pushed his thick glasses, his eyes full of exquisiteness.

"He is on the way... He... He asked me to come back first. "

Lily knew it was not good to lie, but she didn't want to lose her job.

However, her restless little hands still betrayed her, and she was not to blame. After all, our little girl had never lied before.

Grabbing her clothes tightly, Lily felt the atmosphere in the office was unusually depressing.

"On the way? Do you think we are both kids. If I and the president believe this stupid lie, we will become idiots! "

Standing behind the president of the hospital, the director pounded the table violently, pointed at Lily and broke out into curses.

Lily had never been humiliated like this before.

However, someone was happy to see such an embarrassed look on Lily.

"Oh, my God. Director, I knew it. Lily must have pissed Mr. Nan off, or he wouldn't have left without saying goodbye."

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