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   Chapter 12 Person From Nan Clan

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Only then did they notice that the man who had been standing behind Lily was tall and handsome, with a classy temperament.

"Sir, this is our family matter. Please don't interfere."

Mr. Lv was trembling with anger. He didn't expect that the family was in such a terrible situation now, and Sam had seen it with his own eyes. He felt so humiliated!

Jack looked at him coldly for a second and then peremptorily took Lily to his side.

"Lily's business is my business!"

Mr. Lv almost lost his breath, "Who are you?"

"He is the gigolo. He had sex with my sister and she brought him home. Dad, drive him away! " Bonnie was still shouting, but she was frightened back by the fist raised by Lily.

Mr. Lv was a little dignified. He looked at the farce with a livid face and said, "Sir, you have seen the situation at home. It's not convenient to entertain you today. Leave your name and I'll visit you another day."


The man said slowly and lightly, as if he was talking about a random name, "I'm Jack."

However, as soon as the two words came out of his mouth, Mr. Lv suddenly took a step back, revealing a shocking expression.

"Jack?" Mr. Lv repeated in a low voice. His throat was tightened. Looking at the face again, he was not as calm as before. He was in a panic. Taking a deep breath, he asked, "Are you from the Nan clan?"

"How could he be in the Nan clan?" Sam also looked incredulous.

Beside him, Bonnie continued to pull him. "What are you afraid of? No matter who he is, just drive him out. It's our family business. It's none of his business. "

"Shut up!" Sam grabbed Bonnie tightly. Now he felt that this woman was really unable to do anything. He didn't know why she had provoked such a big shot.

As for Mr. Lv, he murmured, "He controls the whole city and even the whole country's lifeblood industry. Even the president has to respect his family..."

Jack's thin lips squirmed slightly. At this t

ime, the breath of the upper-class person on his body became more and more obvious. Jack only said in a low voice, "I didn't expect you to know."

"Dad!" Bonnie still wanted to shout.

But before she could say anything, her father had already slapped her, making her dizzy and unable to react at all. "Shut up! Apologize to Lily now. "

"I You hit me. " Bonnie didn't notice how bad their faces were, she couldn't believe that she had been slapped again by her father, who had always loved her most.

This daughter was so stupid!

Mr. Lv peeped at Jack and found that his face was gloomy and extremely serious. He immediately became furious and pointed at Bonnie, "Get out of here!"


Bonnie asked in disbelief.

But how could Mr. Lv not know.

Nan clan was a clan that could decide the life and death of many people in a word.

As for Jack, he was the third son of the Nan clan, and the next successor that was wildly spread outside!

Who dares to mess with him? Who could offend him?

No matter how dissatisfied Bonnie was, she could only be dragged out by Sam, and even the shouts were covered in her mouth.

The living room returned to peace.

"Lily..." Looking at the man standing at the side, Mr. Lv wanted to explain something, but after a long time, he only stammered, "Bonnie is still young and thoughtless... Please forgive her... "

"You don't have to apologize to me. It's about Lily."

Mr. Lv turned to look at Lily and didn't know what to say. Seeing this, Mrs. Lv said, "Don't you have to go to work? Lily. How about going back to the hospital first? "

Lily also knew that they didn't want to continue this mess any more. Although she still didn't understand why her parents' attitude had changed greatly, she still nodded and said, "I know. But dad, mom... If Bonnie still goes against me, I won't spare her! "

Mr. Lv's throat tightened. "We'll talk to her and ask her to delete the post."

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