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   Chapter 10 Go Home With Me

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The hospital finally quieted for a whole day.

The next afternoon, "as usual", Lily spent eighty percent of her time taking care of the VIP.

However, there were exaggerated footsteps coming from outside. Jane rushed in and grabbed her hand. "Something is wrong, Lily!"

"What's wrong?"

Jane pushed the phone in front of her.

"Reveal the glamorous history of a surnamed Lv intern in the Hospital of H City. Everyone, please keep away from her! ! 】

The post was hung on the home page of the hospital's public forum. It had only been one hour since it was posted, and it had been visited more than ten thousand times!

The poster

"BonBon the Pretty"!

Lily's face darkened.

It was obvious that the net name was belong to Bonnie!

"Don't be fooled by Dr. Lv's appearance. In fact, her private life is very messy! She dates with different men from time to time, and sometimes several men at a time! "

Squinting her eyes, Lily exerted force on her hand unconsciously and almost crushed the phone.

"This is her private life. What she likes is none of other people's business, right? But the most disgusting part of this person is that she has already been found to have venereal disease in the hospital, and she still hides her disease and scourge others everywhere. Don't you think this kind of person is disgusting? "

All of a sudden, there were curses and harsh words on the comments.

Lily took a deep breath and the corners of her mouth twitched.

"You'd better stay away from her. It's troublesome to be infected with that kind of disease. This woman still doesn't know how to repent until now. What's more, she even brought people home, which drove her parents crazy. You'd better fire her and let her die on her own. Otherwise, no one dares to come to the hospital!"

"Bonnie, you are tired of living! I

'll kill you when I get back! "

Lily raised her foot and kicked the table hard, trembling with anger.

"Lily, what are you going to do?"

Jane stood awkwardly and withdrew her hand.

All of a sudden, the light in Lily's eyes dimmed, and all she could think about was how to cut Bonnie into pieces.

"Do you need my help?" A familiar and deep voice came from behind.

Lily turned around to look at the intriguing man, and suddenly stiffened. "What?"

"Are you going to let others slander you like this?"

"How is that possible?" Lily denied at once, "That bitch hit me over and over again. If I don't teach her a lesson, she won't know how strong I am!"

Squinting his eyes and raising his thin lips with a little smile, like coaxing a simple white rabbit, Jack tapped the table with his fingers slowly. "How about I go back with you to have a look?"


"Well, your sister's name is Bonnie, right? We met last time."

There was a slight smile on the man's handsome face, which suddenly made people relax.

He was well prepared and set a trap step by step. "I met her before. She won't doubt if I go back with you. Besides It could save a lot of troubles. Of course, the most important thing is that we slept together, and I wholeheartedly want to marry you. "

What he said made sense!

Lily blushed a little. Although she was very angry, she didn't lose her mind. She repeated, "But I didn't promise to marry you."

"Of course, I have to propose slowly."

"Okay! Help me, go home with me! "

After all, she had been investigated by this man thoroughly, and Lily was not afraid of him anymore.

Now as long as she could take down Bonnie, it didn't matter at all.

Looking at the angry woman, a faint smile appeared in Jack's face.

He has plenty of patience now. Little girl, we have ample time.

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