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   Chapter 9 Marry Me

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"That's impossible!"

Suzy looked back and forth between the two of them in surprise and disbelief. "Are you the one? Jack in the Nan clan?" How could he fall in love with her? !"

Jack's face turned cold in an instant. "How is that impossible?"

He stared at the card on the Suzy's chest and said coldly, "Since Dr. Hu knows who I am and slandered the woman I want in front of me, have you ever thought about the consequences?"


Looking at the man's gloomy and cold aura, Suzy was not as imposing as before, but she was not reconciled. "Mr. Jack, don't be deceived by her pure appearance. She is a bitch who seduces men secretly..."

"Dr. Hu, don't you really want to work here anymore?"

Jack's face completely darkened. His tone did not change, but it made people feel creepy.

Suzy trembled with fear.

Jack was the head of the Nan clan.

Others didn't know, but she had heard some rumors more or less.

The Nan clan can be said to be the biggest clan in Yancheng... No, even the biggest clan in the whole country. Even the president wouldn't dare to refute him!

"Fuck off!"

Jack said calmly. Suzy was so frightened that she stumbled and left in a panic.

The others gradually dispersed.

Lily wanted to push him away subconsciously, but as soon as she moved, she heard an exaggerated cough.

"Ahem! It hurts... "

"Where does it hurt?"

As the doctor's initial reaction, Lily immediately helped the man walk into the ward.

She frowned and looked at the man's pale face. "Is the wound open? You can't walk freely now, or it will be easily torn again..."

"Let me have a look." She lowered her eyes and unbuttoned him to check.

Her soft fingers moved back and forth on the man's body, and the touch was a little strange. It was like a good dessert taste, silky and charming.

Looking at the tender face in front of him, Jack stared at her with deep and strong eyes, and suddenly held her hand.

"Lily Lv, the daughter of the LV family, 23 years old, graduated from the Medical University of Yancheng, and is now a surgical intern of Yancheng Hospital. And her emotional history... There was once a secret crush who had lost contact with her. And during the University... "

"Stop!" Shocked, Lily looked at the man in front of her and felt scared. "You, you ha

ve investigated me so clearly. What do you want to do?"

Jack looked complacently. He gently put his slender fingers on the side and clasped her wrist.

"Marry me."

"What? !"

Lily called out directly, "Are you crazy?"

"I can't sue you. It's useless to call the police. And I believe that you didn't kill anyone. Mr. Jack... Is it interesting to make fun of me? "

Although Jack's face was gloomy, it was obvious that he was serious at the moment.

His black eyes stared straight at her, as if he was looking at his prey!

Lily tried her best to get rid of his grip. How she wished she could run away now... But this man seemed to have some magic. With just a glance, she froze there and didn't dare to move.

He opened his thin lips slightly and said irresistibly, "Marry me, Lily. Otherwise... You would bear the consequences. "

Lily shook her head desperately!

The air was deathly quiet.

But soon, Jack's mobile phone rang. He looked at the number and released her hand. "Get out."

"Then do you still want to marry... Marry me? "

All of a sudden, a meaningful smile appeared on Jack's thin lips. "I always stand to what I said, Mrs. Nan."

You must be crazy!

When Lily saw his expression, she would think of those horrible memories subconsciously.

The next second, she rushed out of the ward.

The ward fell into silence again. The man picked up the phone as if nothing had happened, but he didn't answer the phone.

Instead, he looked out of the window.

Sure enough, someone came in from the outside.

"What's wrong?"

"As expected, they are plotting against you. Mr. Jack, you have to be more vigilant these days. You can't let the thing happened last night happen a second time."

The man closed his eyes and said, "I know."

"So if you have made up your mind about Mr. Gu's suggestion, he hopes you can do it as soon as possible. You can only try your best to earn the trust."

Knowing that the "murder" plan was exposed that day, Jacob asked him to marry that woman directly. On one hand, in order to prevent the exposure, and on the other hand... For the safety of that girl too.

Jack raised his eyes and looked out of the window quietly. The smile on his thin lips gradually disappeared.

As for his two brothers... They couldn't wait to see him die.

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