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   Chapter 8 I Took The Initiative

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Then she lowered her head and looked at the man sitting on the bed quietly. She said in a low voice, "Mr. Jack, your wound healed well. Try not to move these days in case the wound reopens. You should be able to leave the hospital in a few days."

"I'll go out first. If you need anything, you can call the nurse outside."

After saying that, she went straight out. Her heart pounding heavily, fearing that Jack would say something more.

Watching her receding figure, Jack's eyes became deeper and deeper.

When the door was closed, he slowly leaned against the head of the bed with a faint smile on his lips.

It seemed that the following days would not be boring.

She had been busy all day in the hospital.

When Lily passed the ward again, she could still see the name on the door.

It was Jack.

She chewed the name slowly and decided to go back to check his background after work!

When she turned around, someone happened to pass by on the other side.

As soon as she saw Suzy, Lily turned around.

But Suzy reacted quickly and stopped her, "Doctor Lily, why didn't you say hello to your senior?"

Who do you think you are!

Holding her wrist tightly, Lily turned around and asked with a smile, "Is Dr. Hu finished the work?"

"More or less. But I think you are not over yet? What's wrong? Things didn't go well with Mr. Jack? "

Lily twitched her mouth with a fake smile, "I can handle it."

She hated people who cared about nothing.

Suzy's face changed and lowered her voice. "Why are you so arrogant? Did you do something shameful behind my back to make director give you the VIP?"

Lily was annoyed, 'Is she crazy?'

"Don't tell others what you are thinking. Do you think everyone is as disgusting as you?"

"You..." Suzy shouted in a sharp voice, "Otherwise, why did the director arrange him to you? You must have played a t

rick behind my back!"

'Damn it! What's wrong with this woman?'

Many people around looked at them. Lily lowered her voice, "You are not capable enough, and you have the nerve to blame others. I warn you, if you dare to talk nonsense again, I will tear your mouth apart!"

"Nonsense? Are you feeling guilty? You have done a lot of such things! You seduced your sister's boyfriend, and you even fooled around with a man in the hotel. You usually pretended to be serious, but in fact, you are very coquettish! "

A bad feeling slowly spread in Lily's heart. She stared at Suzy and asked, "Who told you that?"

How could Suzy know about what happened in the hotel and Sam...?

She soon realized that it was Bonnie again!

Suzy laughed complacently, "Are you afraid now? I guess the whole hospital will know about it soon. "

With a sneer, Lily raised her head and said, "Ridiculous. What am I afraid of? I'm a good person and I'm not afraid of being traduced in the back! "

"Traduced? But it's not my guess. It's true. Lily... I think you've been dumped by your fiance, and now you want to seduce others? "

What the hell!

Lily was speechless. There was a murderer in the room. She couldn't wait to stay away from him as long as anyone else who wanted to go in there.

I didn't!

"She didn't!"

Lily wanted to say something, but the man's voice came faster than her and forced her to say it back to her throat.

The man in the hospital gown leaned against the door of the ward. Although his face was pale, he was still handsome. His slightly messy short hair covered not only his forehead but also his gaunt.

Even so, he still looked very classy.

As Jack looked at Lily, a smile suddenly appeared on his thin lips. He grabbed the woman beside him, raised his head and looked at the crowd. Then he said in a gentle voice.

"I seduced her."

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