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   Chapter 7 What If I Tell You That I Didn't Kill Anyone

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"The patient had a wound about ten centimeters long and one centimeter deep on the left shoulder, and there is a stab injury of two point five centimeters deep on the chest. The medicine has been used..."

Lily didn't even know how she finished reading the materials until Suzy complained with dissatisfaction, "Director, look, she is absent-minded at all. I said that I should be responsible for the VIP..."

"What do you know?"

The VIP had appointed the attending physician. Was it her turn to judge?

"Well, you will be responsible for this patient from now on. You must cheer up. You can't bear the consequences if something goes wrong!"

Before leaving, the director warned her and closed the door quickly.

There were only two people left in the ward.

Lily raised her head and saw the man leaning against the headboard with a cold face.

Wearing a hospital gown with his short hair disheveled, but he still exuded a classy aura.

"Long time no see." Jack's deep and magnetic voice pulled Lily back from her thoughts in an instant.

She was about to explode. "Why do you always haunt me?"

"It's just a coincidence," said Jack jokingly.

What a coincidence!

Who would believe it!

"Come here and help me deal with my wound."

Seeing that Lily still wanted to run away, Jack ordered directly.

Even though Lily had walked to the door of the ward, she still had to turn around and walked to him...

His wound was on his chest. Gritting her teeth, Lily began to unbutton his shirt.

Jack's strong chest was exposed, and what happened that night rushed straight to Lily's head. She blushed all of a sudden.

"Dr. Lily, are you blushing? As a doctor, you must have seen

a lot of naked bodies. "

From his angle, he could just see her red face. Jack's eyes flickered with interest.

Lily took a deep breath and looked away.

As he approached her slowly, he seemed to find it interesting. His hot breath fell on her neck, blowing away a wisp of hair. "I thought you had forgotten what happened that night. It's a pity..."

"Don't mention what happened that day again!"

She was very fierce and pressed the man's wound hard. Jack was in pain and his face looked much worse.

But his black eyes were still fixed on her face. "You forgot. But I remember clearly that night you pounced on me and took off your clothes voluntarily... "

"Shut up!"

Biting her lips, Lily stepped back after the examination. Finally, she stood on the edge of the bed, looked at the handsome face and took a deep breath.

"What do you want?"

This man had a special identity, and she couldn't compete with him.

Lily looked at him, knowing that if he really wanted to do something, there was no way for her to resist.

For a long time, the man just stared at her silently. She was finally discouraged. "Don't worry. I will keep what happened before in my heart and won't say a word to anyone. Is that okay?"

"What do you mean?"

Her words were repeated by him in a low voice. Suddenly, Jack stopped smiling and looked at Lily with his dark eyes.

"If it's the love affair between us, you don't have to hide it. After all, it's our own business As for thinking that I'm a murderer... Lily, what if I say I didn't kill anyone? "

The man's dark eyes were full of earnest, and he looked very innocent.

If Lily hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would have believed it!

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