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   Chapter 6 Stop Running

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In the car.

Being forced to sit on the passenger seat, Lily wanted to die.

She didn't know how he would torture her this time.

"Are you afraid?"

Taking a look at her pale face from the rearview mirror, he smiled unconsciously.

She lowered her head, shrinking and shivering.

"Will you run again?"

She trembled unconsciously and said in a hoarse voice, "I won't run away."

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of the control of this fiend. She'd better obediently accept her fate.

Hearing this, Jack turned his head and looked at her. When he was about to warn her, his eyes fell on the black car approaching in the rearview mirror.

No license plate.

The smile on his lips disappeared in an instant. Seeing the two cars getting closer and closer, he suddenly stepped on the accelerator.

"Sit tight!"

Jack made a big turn and entered the alley.


As if being thrown out, she screamed with her eyes closed.

"Are you faking a car accident to kill me?"

It's another side turn. Lily's head was bumped. 'Damn it! Even if you want to kill me, can you let me die in a normal way? Damned murderer, it's my bad luck to meet you. At the worst... At the worst, we will perish together!'

Swish! When she felt dizzy, the car suddenly stopped.

"Get off the car."

"What... What?"

"If you don't get out of the car, I'll kill you right away," said Jack coldly, unfastening her seat belt quickly.

"I'm getting off!"

Without any hesitation, she opened the door, got out of the car and ran away!

Behind her, the man on the driver's seat looked at her back and showed a meaningful smile.

"Don't worry. We will see each other soon."

A survivor of a disaster!

When returning to the hospital in the urban area, she ran directly to the duty room. Looking at everything she was familiar with, she finally felt that she was alive!

She sent a message to her family. Lying on the bed in the duty room, she felt everything before was like a dream.


ow is my first day to work as a regular employee. You don't have to wake me up until dawn!"

The head nurse, who just passed by, was speechless.

The next moment, she fell asleep.

It was not until the next morning that she woke up in a good mood and followed the director to make the rounds of the wards.

She wanted to forget everything that happened last night!

"Lily, what are you thinking about? We're making the rounds of the wards." Suzy urged, and Lily followed her in a hurry. She thought to herself, 'She has been unhappy with me for a long time, but why does she target me on the first day of work?'

"I don't know what kind of method you have used to make the director assign the VIP to you."


Seeing that Lily was in a daze, Jane leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "He is a super handsome and rich man. I heard that Suzy has been jealous, and she is more experienced than you. She didn't expect that the director would assign him to you."

Jane winked mysteriously, but suddenly, Lily had a bad feeling.

"Jane, who is the VIP? What's his name?"

Jane was in high spirits, "Oh, you'll see him soon. You'll know."


The moment she walked into the ward, she almost stopped breathing!

She saw the name Jack on the plate on the door!

How could it be this name!

"Why are you standing still? Go inside." The director knocked on the medical record in his hand and looked at her unhappily.

With a trembling hand, she pushed the door open.

Even though she was mentally prepared, she couldn't help taking a deep breath when she saw the familiar face.

"Murder... Murder... Murder..."

"What are you talking about? Come and check the information!"

With his arms crossed over his chest, he leaned against the headboard of the bed. He had a handsome face and three-dimensional features. He was exuding an aura of the noble. At this time, a pair of black eyes were staring at her.

It seemed as if he was saying she walked right into the trap again!

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