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   Chapter 5 Mr. Jack Can't Be Offended

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"Take it. Bring me a glass of water and get some food by the way."

The glass was put into her hand, and the man left indifferently.

Lily was about to cry, "Is it fun to tease me like that?"

Jack didn't answer, but his eyes darkened slightly.

Anyway, it was fun.

On the other side, Lily went downstairs silently with a glass in her hand. Looking at the few ingredients left in the kitchen, she suddenly realized that he didn't want to kill her.

In other words, he didn't want to do that for the time being.

Hearing the noise upstairs, Lily began to cook. There were only two eggs left in the fridge, and even the tomatoes had been rotten. She didn't know how long they had been put in the fridge.

She quickly fried two eggs and made a simple fried rice with eggs. Then she walked up with a plate and pricked up her ears to listen to the movements in the room.


Through the open door, the man lay on the bed and seemed to have fallen asleep!

"Hey, the fried rice is ready..."

She called him twice, but there was no response.

Did he really fall asleep?

She stared closely at his face. Even a murderer would be no different from an ordinary person when he fell asleep.

Lily stared at his throbbing throat, her heart pounding.

The next moment, she put down the fried rice with eggs, turned around and ran away!

If she didn't run out when he was asleep, she might be put under house arrest and probably be killed at any time!

Afraid that he would catch up with her, Lily ran a few kilometers crazily before she slowly stopped and dialed 110 with her shaking hands.

"Did you called the police just now?"

A middle-aged policeman in his thirty or forty years old asked, sitting in front of her.

While gasping for breath, Lily nodded. "I'm going to tell on a man called Jack. He killed someone and kidnapped me!"

"What did you just say?" The expressionless middle-aged policeman suddenly leaned forward.

"Jack! J-A-C-K, Jack! "

"Ahem..." The man's eyes flashed, and his tone was somewhat surprised. "Jack in the northern suburbs?"

Lily froze, "His house is in the suburb. That direction..." She pointed to the direction she had just come over and said, "That place is too remote. I have never been there. I don't know if it is the northern suburbs you mentioned."

"I see. Please wait a moment."

Without waiting for her response, he stood up and ordered a young policeman, "Lau, go to the northern suburbs and ask Mr. Jack to come here."

Lily was stunned, 'Mr. Jack? Are the policemen so high-quality now? Why were they so polite to a criminal suspect?

Or were there any other reasons?' The policeman seemed to know Jack...

The more she thought about it, the more restless she became. Lily's mind was in a mess.

Just as she was fidgeting, the young p

oliceman came back with Jack.

Lily stood up at once.

"Mr. Jack," the middle-aged policeman greeted.

Casting a glance at Lily, Jack reached out his hand to shake hands with the policeman. "Sir, Lau just said that someone reported me for murder?"

Without waiting for the police officer to speak, Lily gritted her teeth and went over to him. Without showing any weakness, she said, "It was in room 4423 of the Oriental International Restaurant in the downtown square. At about nine o'clock in the evening, he beat the person to death. There must be his fingerprints on the weapon. I accidentally broke in and saw it with my own eyes. He was afraid that I would leak the secret, so he locked me up in his house. And..."

Jack raised his eyebrows, "What else?"

Turning her head away from him, Lily continued, "He is still threatening me. If I hadn't run away while he was asleep, I might have been killed by him now. Sir, he is a murderer!"

"Miss Lily!" The policeman suddenly pulled a long face and snapped, "Don't make fun of this!"

"I'm not kidding. If you don't believe me, you can go to the Oriental International Restaurant and check it out. There must be evidence left at the scene."

Lily stomped her feet with angry, 'What's wrong with these policemen?'

"Our people have already gone to the scene to check, but we haven't seen any evidence that can prove Mr. Jack's murder, and there is no record of Mr. Jack entering this hotel in the monitoring. Miss Lily, you'd better tell the truth. If you continue to make up the rumor, the police will detain you for maliciously hurting others."

Impossible! How could this be possible?

Lily murmured in shock. She had seen with her own eyes that Jack had killed someone. How was it possible for him not leaving a trace?

She turned to look at Jack, who was looking down at her expressionlessly as if she was making troubles out of nothing.

All of a sudden, Lily's scalp tingled.

This man was so horrible!

What on earth did he have to make the police not suspect him at all?

"I'm not kidding..."

All of a sudden, her wrist tightened, and a familiar breath came into her nose.

Looking down at the unwilling look on Lily's face, Jack sighed in his heart.

"Sir, Lily is my girlfriend. She has been in conflict with me these two days, which has caused you trouble."

'Why do I have a conflict with you!'

Lily cursed inwardly and was about to struggle when Jack suddenly whispered something in her ear. In an instant, Lily quieted down and stayed in his arms.

The policeman waved his hand and said, "It's okay. I didn't expect Mr. Jack to have such a special girlfriend."

With a smile, Jack held the woman in his arms tightly and said, "Then we're leaving now. Sorry to bother you."

Lily closed her eyes and gave up completely.

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