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   Chapter 4 Go Home With Me

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The expected pain did not come, but Sam's wail came to her ears all the time.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a tall man standing in front of her.

With his arms around her waist, Jack could even clasp Sam's wrist with one hand. It was just in the joints. The pain made him grimace and howl.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie screamed and held Sam, who was unable to stand steadily, "You, you've gone too far!"

"Well, you want to take revenge on me?"

The man's voice was cold, and his cold eyes fell directly on Bonnie, which made her shiver.

She shivered and subconsciously stepped back. Then she glared at Lily and said, "Wait and see. You have a one night stand with another man, and you even bullied with the cowherd..."

"You will regret it!" She stamped her foot angrily and dragged Sam away.

"Hey..." She wanted to stop him subconsciously.

She looked sideways and found that the seemingly gentle and harmless man was almost able to break Sam's arm with one hand just now.

"Don't you go?" He turned around and looked at her coldly, which startled her.

Where are we going? Would he take her to the suburb to rape her before throwing her corpse into the wilderness?

Lily shivered...

The man's tall body stood in front of her. "You have two choices. I'll go home with you or you go with me."

His plan couldn't go wrong this time, so this woman could only stay under his watch.

"You..." Don't go too far!

He couldn't go home with her, because she didn't want to get her family involved.

She almost jumped up, but when she saw his dark eyes, she immediately became coward.

Suddenly, a force came from her side, grabbed her waist and took her directly into the car!


After a long time,

the car parked in front of an independent villa in the suburb.

Lily looked around at the strange environment. It was very remote here and she didn't see anyone when she came over.

Jack led her all the way out of the room and pointed at the door. "What are you waiting for? Go in."

"What... What for?"

Looking at his expressionless face, she almost cried out in despair.

"Are you going to kill me to keep your secrets?"

Hearing that, Jack stopped his steps slightly. He was amused and wanted to tease her, so he bent over and stared at her pale face. "To be honest, if you die here, even your corpse is rotten, no one will know."

He grabbed her hands and forced her to open the door...

"No!" She couldn't help but shout and wiggle her body in the arms of Jack. "I don't want to die..."

Suddenly, the door was pushed open when she was screaming.

The room was not as dark as she had imagined, and there was no any instrument of torture. Instead, she saw clean and neat bedding and curtains, beige floor tiles, and wallpapers of the same color in the room. Unexpectedly, it was very warm.

He walked over, took off his coat and threw it aside casually.

And she fell to the ground as if she had lost all her strength.

Seeing the man change his clothes as usual, she licked her dry lips. After a long time, she asked, "Is this your room?"

Jack nodded.

As soon as she got up, the man began to approach her step by step, with a glass in his hand. The surface of the glass reflected the dazzling light.

She stepped back.

Jack pressed her step by step.

He didn't stop until her back was against the cold wall!

He handed the glass to her.

"You..." Sure enough, she couldn't escape from being killed!

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