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   Chapter 3 Shut Up Or You Die

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Bonnie Lv!

Of all the people who came to her rescue, it had to be her!

But Lily wasn't able to think about it too much. After all, there was something more serious going on. "Bonnie! Please I --"

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt something sharp poke against her waist from behind.

"Shut up or you die," Jack said in a low hushed voice.

The skin on her waist was starting to hurt.

'Does he have a knife?'

Lily's face turned pale immediately. She couldn't deny anymore who this man was and what he had done.

There was now not a doubt in her mind that the murder she saw was real!

She stiffened all of a sudden and shut up immediately, not daring to say anything more.

On the other side, Bonnie Lv idly ran her fingers through her hair. "Are you with another man right now? No wonder you didn't attend our ceremony! Everyone says that you are sad. But from my point of view, you were having such a good time that you completely forgot about the ceremony," Bonnie Lv said in an arrogant tone.

"Stop talking nonsense! You know what happened yesterday," Lily snapped back through gritted teeth.

Not only did Bonnie Lv drug her last night, she also had the audacity to steal Lily's fiance! Lily wanted to slap her face so badly.

But she was in a bit of a tight situation right at the moment.

Bonnie Lv was the least of her problems. After all, someone was pointing a knife at her!

Bonnie didn't notice this at all since she was still in her own happy, little bubble from getting married yesterday. "Why do you misunderstand me like this, Lily? I know it's all our fault, but I thought you'd already let it go, which was why we invited you. I also want to take this opportunity to introduce some good men to you.

But from the looks of it... You couldn't even keep stop yourself from whoring around!"

This blind fool!

"Bonnie, I think you need to see things more clearly here! Stop confusing right from wrong!"

"I'm not! You brought this upon yourself! I did it for your own good, okay? I just didn't expect that you'd go and sleep with the first man you encounter. Were you really that sad that Sam and I got together? Much so that you just slept with the first man who sai

d yes to you in bed?"

Bonnie sobbed, dramatically wiping a tear away from her eye.

The corners of Lily's mouth twitched in annoyance.

"What's wrong with you?"

Lily was so angry that she didn't care whether she was poked by a knife or not. She raised her chin and smiled sarcastically, "You know what? I'm happy for you. A scumbag like Sam definitely deserves a bitch like you. You are meant to be together. I'm glad."

"You..! How can you say such a thing!" Bonnie suddenly burst into tears. Seeing Sam Qin walking towards her, she hurried to hold his hand.

"Sam! Lily was yelling at me again," Bonnie complained.

"I have a good reason to do so! Even though I don't have any evidence, I know you were the one who messed with my glass of wine last night! Your nice girl act isn't working on me, Bonnie. In fact, you performance can only deceive idiots like Sam!"

"Lily! That's enough!" Sam Qin shouted, "Bonnie invited you to our wedding out of kindness. Stop being so ungrateful!"


How can these two be so blind! Can't they see that I'm in trouble? Don't they know that a murder happened here last night?

If I get killed, it would be these two idiots' fault!' Lily cursed in her heart as her hands balled up into fists.

"You'd better work hard to keep your conscience clean. Remember, if you do anything shameful again, I'll make sure you suffer for it! You absolutely disgust me!"

"You... How dare you say those things to me?" Bonnie's face turned pale. She didn't know what was on Lily's mind. Lily just kept insulting her nonstop. Losing all her patience, Bonnie raised her hand, intending to slap Lily.

But Lily saw what she was intending to do and managed to push back Bonnie's hand. Lily was not the type of person who would just take her losses. "What? Do you think you can fight me and win again?"

"Sam, why aren't you helping me?"

Bonnie felt wronged and asked Sam Qin for help. As expected, Sam Qin glared at Lily.

"Damn it! Shame on you two..." No matter how fierce Lily was, she would be no match to a big man like Sam Qin. As he stepped closer, Lily instinctively stepped back but there was nowhere else for her to go. Sam raised his hand, ready to strike her.

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