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   Chapter 2 You Must Be Responsible For Me

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The man turned around to look at her.

"I see you're awake now," he said in a low and hoarse voice.

A cold shiver ran down her spine. She was so scared that she almost forgot about the pain all over her body. "I..." she stammered.

Seeing the fear on her face, Jack raised his eyebrows and raised his dark eyes slightly. Slowly, he got closer to her. His entire presence oozed with appeal.

"What's wrong, Lily?"

"How... how do you know my name?" Lily tried to move back away from the man, her eyes wide with fear and shock. It made her more uneasy that he was now so close to her.

"How do you think?" Jack asked as he stared at her, an imperceptible joy flashing through his handsome face.

He didn't expect that this woman would suddenly break into his plan last night. For safety measures, he had already asked someone to thoroughly investigate her background.

But, as he thought about what had happened last night, he couldn't help but smile very slightly.

Having an unexpected visitor turned out better for him than he expected.

As he looked down at her, she thought of the corpse she saw last night. Even though the man in front of her looked harmless, she knew what he was capable of. With this in her thoughts, she was starting to get a bit nervous. "Okay... You don't have to tell me how you know my name," she said, not wanting to anger him.

Jack stood up straight slowly, not wanting to frighten her too much. Then, his eyes darkened as he caught a glance at the red love bite on her chest.


Lily cried out when she realized where he was looking. She quickly grabbed her clothes at the edge of the bed and put them on.

With each step, Jack got closer and closer to Lily, his eyes never leaving her figure.

On the other hand, Lily's heart was beating wildly in her chest. A devilish smile played on his lips as he crawled onto the bed.

"What else do you want to do?"

The man's handsome face was a few inches from hers, his hot breath grazing her cheeks. Lily let out a forced laugh, "Nothing? I don't know. I don't know anything! I didn't see anything! Can we just forget this whole thing and move on?"

Seeing how frightened she was, Jack's eyes became colder.

"Miss Lily... Are you saying that you don't think you are to be held responsible for what happened last night?" Jack asked with a cheeky grin.

'Shit! This bastard!'

she cursed in her heart. She really wanted to slap him across the face. 'If it was someone else, it'd be fine. But he's just killed someone!

He's a murderer!'

She could only give a wry smile and silently moved aside. 'Maybe everything that happened last night was just a horrible dream! It's normal to get things mixed up after drinking, right?' Lily thought to herself.

"Well, last night was my first time. And I'm pretty sure you enjoyed yourself. So I think we can just call it quits, don't you?" She chuckled nervously.

There was an imperceptible hesitation in his eyes. At this moment, his aversion to this woman had softened.

It was an inconvenience that she suddenly got all mixed up with his plans. There was no way he could know if she would share with other people what she saw.

Lily got off the bed and slowly tried to walk towards the door. Seeing this, Jack turned his body slightly, his tall body blocking her exit.

"No. You have to be responsible for this," Jack said sternly.


'What do I need to be responsible for!'

"Look," she said, her face darkening, "I don't know you. What happened yesterday was just an accident. I promise I won't tell anyone. Can't you just let me go?"

But Jack was unmoved. "My name is Jack," he said with an evil smile. Then, in one swift movement, he grabbed her arms. "Remember that, dear Lily."


Jack ignored her protests altogether and carried her with ease.

Lily saw the door and tried to push him away with all her strength. The moment she got out of his grasp, she quickly rushed towards the door.

Unfortunately for her, Jack was much quicker that she was. He grabbed onto her wrist, and was soon dragging her back inside even before she managed to grab hold of the doorknob.

"Help! Help!"

she shouted.

She didn't want to be taken back by this man!

Was there really anyone close by to hear her cries?

Much to her surprise, someone actually came. A woman wearing high heels came into view, her head held high.

"Lily, you're here!"

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