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   Chapter 1 Unexpected Encounter

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Blood! There was so much blood!

In a panic, Lily Lv tried to open her door with all her might, constantly glancing back to look around.

"Someone help -- !" Before she scream out, a hand tightly covered her mouth, and she was dragged deeper into the room.

There was a dead man on the ground beside her. His eyes were wide open as he stared lifelessly at Lily Lv.

Three or four men stood around the corpse. From the looks of it, they were obviously gangsters.

Lily Lv shivered in fear, her skin and lips as pale as a sheet.

"How was she able to break in? Wasn't someone guarding the entrance?"

A deep voice suddenly sounded in the room. Lily Lv gingerly looked over and saw a cold and domineering face. A gun was in the man's hand, presumably the weapon that was used to murder the guy who was now lifeless on the floor.

No one dared to speak. For a while, only Lily's shallow breathing could only be heard.

"P-please... I..." Lily stammered, "I didn't see anything."

Slowly, she started to back away from the man with the gun. Unfortunately, she did not realize that she was about to trip over the body on the ground.

Losing her footing, she closed her eyes and braced herself to land directly on top of the corpse. However, strong arms suddenly wrapped around her waist, catching her just in time.

As she was held against the man's chest, she couldn't help but lean in closer.

The warmth from his body just felt so nice and comfortable.

Jack stiffened at how soft and supple her skin was.

Lowering his head, he squinted at the woman in his arms. The woman had big, bright eyes that had a trace of both innocence and fear.

Meanwhile, Lily just tightly clung onto the man like an octopus, completely oblivious to Jack's unusually pale face.

"Come on! Let's clean up this place quickly!"

one of the men in the room said. As the others started to dispose the body, Jack took Lily to the next room.

"Hah... I want..." Lily wriggled desperately. At this moment, it looked as if she was no longer thinking straight. With her face flushed pink, she threw herself at the man as soon as he clo

sed the door.

"Get off!" Jack said through his teeth as he pushed her away. Looking at the makeup running down her tear-stricken face, he couldn't help but sneer. "Go away!"

Right now, he was so exhausted, and no longer had the energy to deal with this woman.

"No! I... want..."

Rubbing her eyes in a daze, Lily knew that there was something wrong going on in her body -- it felt much too hot and tingly!

'The wine I drank at my ex's wedding...

Bonnie, you bitch...' she thought faintly as she started to make sense what was happening to her.

It was obvious to her now that she had been drugged. The effects were now getting stronger on her as she could barely control her actions anymore. Being against Jack's cold body was the best possible remedy for her at the moment.

Lily pounced on him, her eyes brimming with tears. Not being able to handle it anymore, she decided to just get straight to the point.

"It's just sex," she said as she straddled the man on the bed. Slowly, she then started to take her top off. "Are you really going to say no?"

It was as if she had completely forgotten what she had seen in the other room. The only thing occupying her mind right now was how much she wanted to relieve the heat in her body. Narrowing his eyes at her, Jack lifted his thin lips.

Even under the dimmed lights, he still looked quite handsome.

When Lily took off her clothes, he saw the innocence and charm she had in her. What was more, her small, flushed face was also quite attractive.

"Let's have sex... You won't regret it."

And so, the night was filled with the sound of the love-making.

The next day...

Lily woke up from the pain all over her body.

Even in her sleep, waves of pain came out from the joints on her bones. As for her private parts, it felt as if someone had torn it apart.

She cursed in her heart and rubbed the sleep off her eyes.

As her lids fluttered open, she did not expect to see a muscular man inside the room with her!


Lily screamed. The sudden rush made her remember what had just happened last night.

'I... I slept with a murderer!'

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