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   Chapter 197 Unreasonable

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Nora told Murphy everything she had found out. If Jeanne continued to make trouble, she would become a weirdo in the entertainment circle.

In the morning, Murphy drove to Nora house early to wait for her and picked her up to work. Every time he met someone in the company, Nora was asked, "boss and assistant go to work together. You are so happy."

Every time Nora heard such words, she would give them a sweet smile. Nora thought. 'Anyway, you all say that I'm happy, and I'm happy. I will do whatever I like.'

Every time Murphy heard this, he would refute, but there was only one reason, "we live not far away. We met by chance." In fact, one of them lived in the south of Beijing, and the other lived in the north.

However, it was not strange in the company for a long time. The two of them were in a good relationship and could not get in the way of others. Why did they worry so much? It was already tired enough to go to work.

Those who liked to meddle in other people's business and gossip were all worried about nothing. They just talked about what happened between them at leisure. If they didn't let it go, it would be annoying.

This morning, as usual, Murphy drove Nora to work. After parking his car in the parking lot, Murphy came out with Nora.

Jeanne was dressed up in a fashionable style. Seeing her, Nora couldn't help but feel funny. This girl's acting skills would definitely win an Oscar.

With a big smile on her face, Jeanne walked towards them and said, "good morning, Nora. You look so beautiful today."

"No matter how beautiful I am, I'm not as beautiful as you. After all, I'm a few years older than you and I'm getting old," said Nora with a smile

When Jeanne passed by Murphy, she whispered, "you are so handsome today, my prince charming." Then Jeanne left with a laugh, leaving behind a string of ear piercing laughter.

Although Jeanne's voice was low, Nora heard it clearly. Nora knew that Jeanne did it on purpose, but neither of the

his head, Murphy asked, "what's up?"

Jeanne was completely stunned. Did this look like a scene of expressing her love? When did Jeanne learn to be humble and give in? Was it worth it just for the man in front of her, who didn't even look at her?

But Jeanne had never experienced any setbacks and injuries since she was a child. She would not admit defeat and let herself lose to an assistant.

Jeanne plucked up the courage and approached Murphy boldly, "listen, Murphy. I like you. I really like you."

Jeanne's words frightened Murphy. He didn't expect that Jeanne would express her love so soon, and he didn't expect that she would express her love in such a situation. But soon Murphy calmed down and said, "I have a girlfriend."

The simple sentence seemed to throw cold water on Jeanne, and the flames in her heart were extinguished in an instant, but she did not give up. She asked, "who is your girlfriend? Why didn't I know? "

Murphy sneered. "Why should I let you know my girlfriend?"

Jeanne was greatly insulted. "Who is your girlfriend? Unless you tell me, I will continue to go after you until you agree. "

Murphy looked at Jeanne and said, "unreasonable." then he walked out of the office and left her alone. Hatred, humiliation and shame. Jeanne would not let Murphy go. She swore to herself.

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